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Literacy Matters: Conversations with Cheryl

Join Dr. Cheryl Lundy Swift, director of Professional Learning, as she meets with industry professionals and explores today's early literacy landscape and beyond.

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    Reaping the Rewards of Interactive Read Alouds

    Featuring Pam Koutrakos
    Episode 11 (27 MIN.)

    Executive Functioning

    Featuring Michelle Paster
    Episode 10 (20 MIN.)

    Reading Comprehension

    Featuring Michelle Paster
    Episode 8 (26 MIN.)

    Unlocking the Power of Decodable Texts

    Featuring Dr. Julia Lindsey
    Episode 7 (20 MIN.)

    Classroom Success for the Year Ahead

    Featuring Dr. Miriam Ortiz
    Episode 6 (9 MIN.)

    Connecting Phonics to Reading: Answering the Big Why

    Featuring Dr. Nancy Akhavan
    Episode 3 (25 min.)

    The Forgotten Power of Teaching Techniques

    Featuring Mark Weakland
    Episode 2 (25 min.)

    Keeping the Literacy Momentum

    Featuring Dr. Miriam Ortiz
    Episode 1 (10 MIN.)