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Funding Young Learner Literacy
Literacy Foundation for Pre-K-5

HWT meets ESSA's "Promising" evidence criteria

Students who received instruction using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum demonstrated significantly higher performance on specific elements of written literacy as compared to those students who did not receive Handwriting Without Tears curriculum instruction. These findings support the use of specific handwriting instruction for promoting student achievement with written production and written literacy.


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Early learning

Build Mat Man® Kit

Get everything you need to introduce Mat Man to your students and build him in your classroom to teach body awareness and more.

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Letters and Numbers for Me

Teach capitals, lowercase letters, and numbers featuring child friendly pages and step-by-step models to build good handwriting habits.

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Technology Education


Explore everything you need to foster correct letter and number formation in a multisensory way with our Wet-Dry-Try materials.

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A—Z for Mat Man and Me

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Seamlessly bring the ABCs to life while building foundational literacy skills with our new letter book series. Each of our illustrated letter books introduces a letter of the alphabet and emphasizes their associated sound through captivating, visual stories. The engaging stories in each book capture children's imaginations and expose them to social-emotional skills and diverse cultures.