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Literacy Matters

Shayne B. Piasta, Literacy Matters Guest

Four Key Components of Teaching Alphabetic Knowledge

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Literacy Promotion

Personalize Gratitude with New Thank You Cards

Boost handwriting skills while giving thanks using these free printables.

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We Start With a Line

The path to literacy spirals out in one magic moment — when a child’s lines become language.

Readiness, Handwriting, Phonics, and Literacy
Readiness, Handwriting, Phonics, and Literacy
Readiness, Handwriting, Phonics, and Literacy

They discover that lines form letters and the letters represent sounds. And when put together, they create words, which build into sentences. With each new skill, they unlock the endless possibilities of reading.

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Setting Students Up for Success

We lead young students to success through a pathway to early literacy that embraces the whole child. Students strengthen essential fine and gross motor skills through hands-on materials, learn through purposeful play, and explore language through connected text.

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To Help Students Read,
Start with Handwriting

Handwriting is a foundational skill that leads students to automatic word recognition. Through time-tested methods of letter formation, students embark on the pathway to reading and writing excellence while connecting letters to sound and fortifying the alphabetic principle.

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Connecting Sounds and Letters

When students make connections between sounds and letters, the pathway to reading unfolds before them. We nurture these connections sequentially and systematically, based on the science of reading, helping students acquire the range of skills they need to become proficient readers.

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Inspire, Empower, and Thrive

Learning Without Tears helps every educator find joy in teaching by building confidence and ensuring competence. Our professional learning is designed to INSPIRE teachers to try something new, EMPOWER their growth, and fuel them and the students they serve to THRIVE.

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