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Decodable Phonics Books

A strong foundation in decoding text is the first step in building reading proficiency.

Systematic Decoding Practice to Build Reading Skills

80% Decodable, 100% Engaging!

Building a strong foundation in decoding text is the first step to achieving reading proficiency.  Explore a new series of fiction and nonfiction decodable books that align with the Science of Reading. Each book features a specific high-utility phonics skill taught in the context of a joyful, purposeful text. Utilizing a unique multicriteria approach, texts are intentionally written to build decoding and word recognition fluency while supporting knowledge-building skills.  These engaging classroom sets follow a K–3 grade-aligned, systematic scope and sequence that feature: 

  • 50% fiction/50% nonfiction titles
  • Bold, captivating visuals
  • Culturally authentic characters and communities
  • “Own Voices” authors and illustrators
  • A variety of text structures and genres
Decodable phonics books

70 new titles, all at least 80% decodable

Set A – 10 titles, six copies of each title

Set B, C, and D – 20 titles in each set, six copies of each title

Scope & Sequence

Decodable scope and sequence

Aligned with the Science of Reading

Our decodable books are designed to teach phonics and build confidence systematically. Each book builds upon previous skills and letters presented in texts to strengthen key skills. Learn more about the scope and sequence of each decodable phonics book set below.

Engrossed in Education 

Not only do these carefully constructed texts keep young readers motivated, but the beautiful photos and playful illustrations

also help to keep them engaged. See for yourself. 

Set A: Fiction and Nonfiction

Pug the Pup (Kindergarten)

Big Rigs (Kindergarten)

Set C: Fiction and Nonfiction

Beware of the Bear (2nd Grade)

Hottest, Coldest, Deepest (2nd Grade)

Set B: Fiction and Nonfiction

Brad and the Drum (1st Grade)

Snail Trails (1st Grade)

Set D: Fiction and Nonfiction

Tess Fought the Drought (3rd Grade)

Predators: Amazing Hunters (3rd Grade)

A strong foundation in decoding text is the first step in building reading proficiency. Get started now!