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Readiness & Writing

Ease Pre-K students into their literacy journeys with this intentionally designed curriculum. Students build pre-writing and emergent writing skills developmentally through engaging, hands-on, play-based activities.



In Readiness & Writing, students develop crucial academic readiness skills that set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond. The curriculum provides active, joyful ways to learn grip, pre-writing, and social-emotional skills as they progress from scribbling, coloring, and drawing shapes to tracing and copying capital and lowercase letters and numbers.



Using manipulatives for emerging writing skills makes children excited to learn and helps them develop a love of letter building. Teachers love the diversity of skills that can be taught with each one and how they incorporate a hands-on experience.

  • Purposeful manipulatives help children progress from tracing letters to writing their names
  • Uses play-based techniques, like music and dance, to teach skills


  • Digital components enhance learning remotely
  • Equitable materials in English and Spanish



Bring your Pre-K instruction to life with this one-stop digital teaching platform. Extend your instruction digitally with lessons and activities. From interactive letter and number formations to engaging student apps, PreKITT helps reinforce pre-academic readiness and strengthen learning experiences at home.

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My First School Book

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My First School Book (Spanish)

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My First Lowercase Book

My First Lowercase Book (Spanish)

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