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Finding or resetting your password

To find your existing password or reset your password, please check our FAQ page here.


Activating a New Product License

If you are already a registered account holder, log in to our digital learning dashboard, +Live Insights. Your available licenses will be shown in the dashboard after the login. For more guidance, visit the Help & Support section in the left-hand navigation within +Live Insights. You can also download and print our activation guides.


How many licenses do you need to activate?

Launching a product for the first time?

Watch our video for a guided tutorial on implementing Learning Without Tears’ line of digital products for your students:

For more help, log in to +Live Insights. Visit the Help & Support section in the left-hand navigation, then click Getting Started. You will find digital product guides and video tutorials along with other information on starting your Learning Without Tears journey.


Getting Started Using Plus Live Insights

Watch our video for a guided tutorial on getting started:


Integration & Roster Management

Learning Without Tears products can be integrated with Clever, ClassLink OneClick/OneRoster, and bulk import for Google Single Sign-On (SSO). To get started, log in to +Live Insights and visit the Admin Console on the left-hand navigation, then click Single Sign On/Roster Management.


Are you excited to get started with the new Handwriting Without Tears?

We have support for you, including new how-to videos, live tutorials, and more.


Getting started with the new Assessments to Guide Instruction?

We have support for you, including new how-to videos.





How do I activate my licenses?

  1. Find your activation email (titled: Action Required – Activate Your Learning Without Tears Licenses from technology(at)
  2. Click Activate Digital Products and follow the steps from the link to unlock your licenses.

If you need additional licenses, go to our Products page to purchase your licenses. For a custom quote, use our contact form or call 888.983.8409, option 5.

What if I didn’t receive an activation email?

Check your spam folder (the activation email will be from technology(at), check with your purchaser, or contact the administrator designated at purchase. If you cannot find your activation email, use our customer care form or call 888.983.8409.

How do admins and educators access the program?

  • Log in to to access Keyboarding Without Tears® or HITT (The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool™).
  • Log in to to access the Wet-Dry-Try app.

If you need additional licenses, go to our Products page to purchase your licenses. For a custom quote, use our contact form or call 888.983.8409, option 5.

What is +Live Insights®?

+Live Insights is the educator dashboard for Keyboarding Without Tears® and IDTT (The Interactive Digital Teaching Tool™). You can use +Live Insights to:

Keyboarding Without Tears

  • Invite co-admins, school admins, and educators
  • Allocate/assign and unallocate licenses to users
  • Assign licenses to students
  • Create classes and add students
  • Manage class and student settings
  • Access educator resources
  • View reports
  • Access Keyboarding Without Tears


  • Invite educators
  • Allocate/assign and unallocate licenses
  • Access IDTT

How do I configure my class and student rosters?

We have several options for implementing Keyboarding Without Tears and IDTT:

  • ClassLink – Single-sign-on, rostering
  • Clever – Single-sign-on, rostering
  • OneRoster Bulk Import (spreadsheets) – Rostering
  • Google SSO – Single-sign-on
  • Manual – Create classes and student accounts through manual entry

Can I switch license grade levels in Keyboarding Without Tears?

Yes, to switch, use our customer contact form or call 888.983.8409 and a team member will switch the license grade level for you. If you switch a license to a different grade, that student will lose progress.

How do students access Keyboarding Without Tears and/or Wet-Dry-Try?

  • Students access Keyboarding Without Tears at or Clever, ClassLink, and Google SSO for third-party, single-sign-on applications.
  • Students access Wet Dry Try via the iPad app.

How long do my Keyboarding Without Tears and Integrated Print and Digital Solution licenses last?

These licenses are good for one year. From the date of purchase, you have a three-month window to unlock your licenses. If you unlock during that three-month point, it will be one-year from the unlock date. Otherwise, at the end of those three months, the one-year expiration will start automatically.

Is there a way to maintain student progress when a Keyboarding Without Tears license expires?

Yes, when a license expires, purchase the same grade-level license, activate the license, and the student can resume their progress.

Which version of the Wet-Dry-Try do I want?

Can I delete classes in Wet-Dry-Try?

No, you cannot delete classes in the Wet-Dry-Try app, but you can rename them or you can set up new classes under a different Learning Without Tears user account/email.

Can I adjust the testing period setup in the Screener of Handwriting Proficiency?

Yes, with the new Screener you can adjust them. To adjust, go to Edit and click the Class Details button.

Which platforms do you support?

Learning Without Tears has prepared a list of approved system requirements that we support when using any of our digital products. Please review our full list of tech requirements to be sure that you are using the tools necessary for the best user experience.

Are you a

District or School?

If you have questions about your program, please see the product and FAQ listings to the left.

Our representatives are ready to provide schools and districts with personalized recommendations and can connect you to a curriculum specialist. If you need support implementing your digital products, please click the link at the bottom of this page to fill out a Customer Help Request Form. 

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