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New! Summer school pacing guides and resources available for download.

Building Pathways to Proficient Reading

Beginning Reading with

The End in Mind

Teaching phonics skills systematically opens the door to reading for all students. To be successful, today’s teachers must differentiate phonics instruction with the right blend of print and digital materials.  

Phonics, Reading, and Me™ sequentially and systematically helps students acquire the range of skills they need to become proficient readers. This supplemental program prioritizes phonics skills that can be difficult to learn but truly make a difference for students along the path to reading. 

New Case Study:

A Snapshot of Success in Jasper

Jasper report

Phonics Support That Fits

Supplement the gaps in your core literacy program with foundational skills learned through Phonics, Reading, and Me's rich, connected text.

  • Focuses on the most targeted and high-utility phonics skills and word study
  • Provides practice in phonics and high-frequency words through 350+ decodable texts each 80% decodable
  • Supports and complements core literacy curricula
  • Aligns to the science of reading


Dynamic Digital

Support for All Learners

Experience the Phonics, Reading, and Me Digital

See all that the Teacher Digital equips you with - resources for planning, teaching, and reporting - using the 30-day trial of the sample teacher experience. 

Discover the Phonics, Reading, and Me full demo experience to see the power of the Student adaptive digital pathing and the Teacher tools at your finger tips.

Phonics, Reading, and Me saves teachers time and keeps students on the path toward reading fluency. SoapBox Labs’ voice engine gauges students’ oral reading skills in each lesson. Supports and complements core literacy curricula.

  • Digital connected text and activities give practice on the same targeted phonics skills.
  • Adaptive learning paths provide differentiated support for each student. 
  • Teacher dashboard provides snapshots of progress. 
  • 350+ engaging print and digital texts that are 80% decodable and phonics games make digital learning fun.

See For Yourself  Click a cover below to see a sample or download one

The Cat Van (For Grades K–1)

Creating with Science (For Grades 2–3)

Set A Reading Response Journal

Set D Reading Response Journal

Teacher Lesson Card

Formative Assessment Card

Sound Spelling Cards

Articulation Videos

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Physical samples of program materials are available!

Phonics, Reading, and Me is Eligible for Federal Funding

Phonics, Reading, and Me is an evidence-based program that is eligible for educational grants and funding. Explore how you can use available funds to support reading in your schools.

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