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Harness the power of small group to meet your foundational literacy Science of Reading goals.

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Phonics Support That Fits

Easy to Implement, Easy on Teachers

Systematic, explicit instruction with everything you need for differentiated literacy instruction in your small group.

Meet your literacy goals through:

  • Systematically and sequentially builds skills necessary for reading proficiency
  • Adapts to students’ unique learning styles with differentiated instruction and assessments
  • Seamlessly supports and integrates with your core literacy curricula


Phonics Support for All Learners

Each lesson in Phonics, Reading, and Me focuses on a targeted skill within a systematic scope and sequence. This intentional progression, focused on the most important phonics and word study skills, moves learners from the known to the new, allowing them to build on easy skills as they take on more complex ones

On-ramps to skill proficiency
for all students

Phonics, Reading, and Me combines the
expertise of teachers with smart technology
to offer individualized support to every
student. SoapBox Labs’ voice engine gauges
students’ oral reading skills in each lesson.
Every lesson starts with a speech enabled
oral reading, capturing data down to the
phoneme level.

  • Connected digital and print practice cement
    each key literacy skill.
  • Adaptive learning paths provide scaffolds
    based on student needs.
  • Teacher dashboard provides snapshots of
    progress ongoing student progress.
  • Engaging texts and phonics games make
    digital learning fun.

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Teacher Lesson Card

Letter Sound Card for Long e

Sheep Do Not Go to the Beach - Big and Mini

Articulation Videos

Letter Tile for ee and a

Reading Response Journal - Grade 1

Digital Text

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Free Webinar:

Building Strong Readers: The Power of Multicriteria Decodable Texts

Research indicates that ALL students benefit from using decodable books as they apply connected phonics and word-study skills to become more confident readers. High-quality multicriteria decodable texts have also been shown to have varied vocabulary and help build comprehension skills.