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Certification Handwriting Specialists Needed!

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Handwriting Specialists 

Handwriting is one of the fastest growing areas of referral to occupational therapy. Many students need help with handwriting, but only a small number qualify for OT services. As a result, more educators are sharing what they have learned from the Handwriting Without Tears® program. The only certification program of its kind in the country, Certification provides exceptional training and resources at an affordable price to become a certified handwriting specialist.

Our certified handwriting specialists have access to The Print Tool™ online scoring tool to facilitate the evaluation process.

HWT uses child-friendly, multisensory materials that make learning to write a fun and enjoyable experience for kids. My students experienced dramatic improvement in handwriting skills in a very short time.

Certification Objectives


By the end of certification, you'll be able to do the following:


  • Accurately score and interpret the Print Tool Assessment by completing two Print Tool Case Studies that are provided at the Handwriting Assessment Workshop.
  • Write parent-friendly reports, set goals, determine remediation activities and document progress for evidence-based practice by successfully completing two handwritten reports from the two Print Tool Case Studies that are provided at the Handwriting Assessment Workshop.
  • Understand the complete Handwriting Without Tears curriculum from Pre-K through 5th grade and the Handwriting Without Tears Print Tool assessment by completing a self-paced, open book, multiple choice exam.
  • Using resources on our website, you will successfully complete an in-service to a small group of individuals to increase their knowledge of the subject of handwriting. You will be asked to submit evaluation forms that attendees will complete at the end of your in-service that will rank your ability to complete this in-service and increase others' knowledge of handwriting.


1) Must have a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or be a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

2) Attend all four of the handwriting workshops (in their entirety)

•    Readiness & Writing for Pre-K

•    Handwriting Without Tears Print (K-2)

•    Handwriting Without Tears Cursive (2-5)

•    Handwriting Assessment


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Are you looking for a handwriting specialist in your area? You can find a list of all our handwriting specialists here:

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