A–Z for Mat Man® and Me

Seamlessly bring the ABCs to life with our letter books while building early literacy skills.

Each of our illustrated 16-page letter books introduce a letter of the alphabet and emphasizes their associated sound through captivating, visual stories. Our research-based approach captures children’s imaginations while helping them develop social-emotional skills and exposure to our world's diverse cultures.

Builds Alphabet Knowledge

Culturally Responsive

Simple to Teach

See for Yourself!

These sample pages are just a taste of what's inside A–Z for Mat Man® and Me

Student Letter Book

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Teacher's Guide

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Digital Starter Pack

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Student Practice Book for Emerging Readers

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Student Practice Book for Developing Readers

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Read the Research

This white paper collects academic research that shows how children who develop foundational literacy skills in A—Z for Mat Man and Me are better prepared to meet the rigorous demands of school.


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Interactive Teaching Tool

Our digital teaching tool supports teachers online with a Teacher’s Guide, Letter Books, Practice Books, and a variety of interactive resources.

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Scope and Sequence

The program's sequence helps students start reading as soon as possible. Letters like m, t, and a are taught first, because they occur frequently in simple words, giving students a strong foundation as they explore new words.

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