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A-Z for Mat Man and Me teaches the alphabet in a joyful, interactive way. The instructional design integrates skills so that children are working toward reading comprehension.


Each student letter book is built with connected text, providing students with the systematic letter and phonics patterns they need as they work toward reading comprehension.


Multicriteria Text

The student letter books tie learning together. Each book connects code-based foundational skills with meaning-based comprehension skills so that each reading session is purposeful and impactful.

  • Includes a mix of target letter-sound words, decodable words, sight words, and story words
  • Stories with characters, settings, and plots that drive students’ thoughts and discussions
  • Shared reading opportunities to get children to attend to print, letters, words, and ideas

Cultural Diversity

The letter stories feature contemporary settings and cultures from all around the world. Students will encounter characters and situations in which they can see themselves, while also experiencing other cultures at the same time.

  • Features characters in common situations children experience
  • Broadens children’s understanding of diverse cultures and topics


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Social-Emotional Learning

SEL is woven throughout every lesson and letter story. As students read, think, talk, and write or draw, they explore five key SEL habits grounded in the CASEL core competencies.

In each story, the main character faces a problem. As the character works through the problem, readers see examples of how a positive habit can manifest in everyday situations.

  • Problem Solving
  • Persistence
  • Cooperation
  • Kindness


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