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Support all learners on their paths toward literacy. Effective programs give teachers options that meet the unique needs of each student.


It’s common to find children progressing at varied developmental ranges in any classroom. A–Z for Mat Man and Me supports two instructional paths, allowing you to adapt instruction to meet all student needs.

Emerging Readers (Pre-K-K)

Students learn to recognize select letters, distinguish between capital and lowercase letter forms, and practice letter formation using manipulatives.

Developing Readers (Grade 1)

Students learn to recognize ALL letters, recognize high-frequency words, and explore deeper letter concepts in the context of stories.

Student Practice Book Sample (Emerging Readers) Kindergarten and older

Get a peek into the practice pages students will use to refine their new skills.

Flexible Instructional Options

Each letter lesson can be differentiated by pathway (Emerging and Developing) and by lesson type.  

Letter Learning

Lessons help readers identify letters, sounds, and words using pictures that allow them to explore the world around them.

  • Explicitly teaches each letter’s name, sound, and form
  • Develops grapheme-phoneme correspondences
  • Incorporates letter formation from Handwriting Without Tears®
  • Provides the foundation for hearing sounds in words and recognizing words to decode

Meaning Making

Lessons target specific story elements, helping students practice recall of the text while strengthening connections between letters, words, and ideas.

  • Strengthens children’s attention to story element
  • Develops their oral language as they discuss the stories
  • Centers on a social-emotional habit that connects to the plot

Student Practice

Practice pages help refine and develop the literacy skills students are learning. Through independent reading and writing practice that aligns with the instruction in the Student Letter Books, they’ll learn to identify letters and sounds while exploring the meaning behind the stories they’ve read.

The Emerging and Developing Student Practice Books are appropriate for kindergarten and above.

Small Group Learning

The Student Letter Books can be part of a lesson for center/small groups or planned out to give students independent practice. Whether they are working in pairs, groups, or on their own, students stay actively engaged as they progress through the classroom literacy block.

ELL Scaffolds that Break Language Blockers 

English language learners (ELLs) build confidence in speaking, reading, and writing in English by tackling the biggest blockers to language acquisition. ELL Scaffolds help students avoid confusion in early reading and support a seamless transfer of primary language skills to English.