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Wet-Dry-Try Showdown: the Activity Vs. the App

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Wet-Dry-Try is a fun and effective letter-learning activity from Handwriting Without Tears that teaches students correct letter orientation and formation. The best part is that there are TWO easy ways to implement this activity. Today, we’re looking at the benefits of the Wet-Dry-Try activity v. the Wet-Dry-Try app.


The Wet-Dry-Try Activity on Slate


Let’s take a look at the Wet-Dry-Try multisensory activity that you can find in your teacher’s guide.


Using our Slate Chalkboard, write a capital letter in chalk. Show your children how to trace the letter with a wet sponge. Then, have them dry the letter outline with a cloth or tissue. Now, it’s time for them to “try" forming the letter on their own. Wet-Dry-Try appeals to different learning styles and gives just the right amount of handwriting practice in a hands-on way that feels like fun—not like work.


Here are some of the benefits of using the hands-on Wet-Dry-Try activity with our Slate Chalkboard with your students:


•    Students can practice formations accurately with correct start, sequence, and directionality

•    Verbal guidance from a personal handwriting coach provides instant feedback on errors and also provides positive reinforcement

•    Children can master one letter formation before moving on to the next because the activity works on one letter at a time

•    It prevents and eliminates reversals—one of the most common handwriting struggles for young children (the frame of the virtual Slate Chalkboard and the smiley face in the corner helps students with orientation)

•    It helps teach older children size and placement of lowercase letters and simulates our Blackboard with Double Lines, which is also a great tool for helping them learn lowercase letter formation

•    The language is consistent and child friendly



The Multisensory Wet-Dry-Try App


The Wet-Dry-Try app allows you to bring the multisensory genius of the activity to life digitally on iPads!


Students can practice formations accurately with correct start, sequence, and directionality—all based on our proven methodology. Verbal guidance from a personal handwriting coach provides instant feedback on errors and positive reinforcement. It's almost like having a teacher in the room!


Students are motivated to progress through the capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters with a game-based format. They can pick any letter and practice capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters in any order. Check out the benefits of using the app version of our tried and true activity:


•             Builds good handwriting habits and correct formation for capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters          

•             Offers game-based learning in a developmental teaching order with the ability to earn rewards              

•             Includes personal student avatars             

•             Lefty-friendly setting available   

•             Flexible levels of difficulty and sensitivity        


So, which version of Wet-Dry-Try do you prefer to use in your classroom? Tell us in the comments!



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