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Fostering Literacy and Bridging Gaps:  Empowering Families to Support Their Child’s Success

More than 40 years ago, Learning Without Tears started with a mom helping her son at home develop the handwriting skills essential to academic success. Since then, we have evangelized our unique approach to building strong foundation skills and partnered with schools and districts to ensure all students become successful learners for life. It’s our mission and our joy.​

Ready Resources to Support School-to-Home Connections​

Early Learning Pack - Ready for Kindergarten

Ready for Kindergarten!

Getting ready for kindergarten has never been more fun! With the flip of a card, students will build connections between letters and visual illustrations. The wood Pieces, Mat, and Slate Chalkboard help little learners build and practice capital letter writing skills. Includes a durable drawstring bag for easy storage and At-Home Learning Guide.  

Take-Home Phonics Readers

Experience lively letter learning with an imaginative alphabet book series and writing kit. Each book represents a letter, filled with diverse characters and engaging stories. The included writing tools and At-Home Learning Guide support early literacy skills, personalized learning, and easy organization.  

Early Childhood Pack

Discover an engaging alphabet book series and letter writing kit! Each book corresponds to a letter, filled with diverse characters and settings to foster early literacy skills. The included wood pieces, mat, and slate chalkboard aid in practicing capital letter writing. Complete with a durable bag and adaptable At-Home Learning Guide.

Hands-On Learning Packs

The Hands-On Learning Packs are the perfect set of tools for learning capital letters, letter size, and shape while preventing reversals—includes a grade-appropriate workbook. This kit includes a wide range of multisensory materials to enhance early learning with activities, including Wet-Dry-Try.  

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Reading & Writing Kits 

Build students' writing skills by combining some of our favorite writing materials with beloved children’s books. At-home instructions and additional free resources are also included, encouraging students to read and write all summer long!

See what's inside each grade-level pack, or buy yours today.

Decodable Take-Home Packs

Build essential phonics skills at home with these engaging readers featuring authentic characters and communities, beautiful illustrations and photos, and stories that motive and entertain. Each grade-level set includes at-home support with ready-to-go resources and practical guidance. Each pack contains 10 decodable readers, a nylon drawstring bag, and robust at-home activity and guidance book with links to a multitude of online resources.

Letter Learning Packs

Get students their own hands-on learning packs! These flexible packages include everything you need to integrate essential multisensory learning into your lessons.

You can get started immediately with favorite activities such as Wet-Dry-Try and hands-on letter play.

Early Math Learning Pack

Build a strong math foundation that sets students up for future success in problem solving and creative thinking. Some students will be working ahead while others may use the materials to reinforce concepts that may have been lost during the year.

Student Bundles

Young learners enjoy purposeful practice of their print and cursive letter formation skills while exploring the world of creative writing guided by carefully crafted resources. The money-saving bundles provide a year worth of activities and learning. 

I Can Write My Letters Kit

Prewriting and capital letters are fun to learn with this hands-on writing kit. A joyful, multisensory way to develop grip and crucial readiness and writing skills. Includes a durable drawstring bag for easy storage and At -Home Learning Guide.

Letter Building Kits for Little Learners

This dynamic set provides engaging multisensory experiences while building letter formation skills. The magnetic, chalk-like writing tool in the Stamp and See Screen helps young learners develop grip strength.

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