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5 Strategies SEL
5 Fun Strategies to Kick-Start Social-Emotional Learning for Back to School
This webinar is designed to equip PreK–1st-grade teachers with the knowledge and practical social-emotional strategies to build a welcoming and supportive environment where children learn integral social-emotional habits like self-management
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Demos & Samples
Starter Pack Downloads
Prep your students for a smooth transition back to school. Our free easy-to-use Starter Packs for Pre-K to Second Grade can be used in school or at home-- and include cursive instruction for second graders.
Classroom Resources
Pacing Guides for Learning Without Tears' Pre-K-K Curricula
New! Pacing guides for our Get Set for School and Kick Start Kindergarten student editions. Accelerated schedules include tips and pointers.
6 Essential Steps to Fun and Effective Phonological Awareness Instruction
Phonological awareness is a critical foundational literacy skill. In fact, multiple research studies indicate that phonological awareness skills are a strong predictor of a child’s success in learning to read.
Classroom Resources
Mat Man’s Birthday!
Help celebrate Mat Man’s birthday, or a student’s birthday, with these printable coloring pages and writing activities. Ask your learners how they would join in the fun!
How to Stop Letter Reversals in Their Tracks
In this webinar, you will learn hands-on strategies for working with children who experience difficulty with letter reversals. You will leave with an understanding of WHY children reverse letters.
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Classroom Resources
Reading Tips for your Pre-K–5 learners
We've designed reading tips for each grade level, ensuring you have a path to success for your Pre-K–5 learners.
5 Essential Strategies to Effectively Teach Letters and Sounds
This webinar provides strategies to foster creative and independent young writers. Learn the developmental progression of how children progress from drawing to writing letters, words, and sentences to writing independently.
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Research & Standards
Building the Foundation for Literacy Success
Everything you love about Handwriting Without Tears can be found in our new Pre-K component! Help young learners build pre-writing and emergent writing skills developmentally through engaging, hands-on, play-based activities.
6 ways webinar
6 Ways to Engage and Strengthen Young Writers
This will provide you with strategies to foster creative and independent young writers. You will learn the developmental progression of how children progress from drawing to writing letters, words, and sentences to writing independently.
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Getting Students Tech-Ready for the 21st Century
Learn effective strategies for digital skill-building that will boost students’ confidence in their abilities, and that can be adapted to suit your classroom’s needs. Learn how to integrate social-emotional learning and digital citizenship lessons.
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Classroom Resources
Winter Activity Downloads
Check out these fun winter activity downloads from Learning Without Tears!
PreK Webinar resource
5 Ways to Keep Pre-K Social Today
Learn how social-emotional learning can be a focus of both teachers and families as they help children build their readiness skills, developing the confidence they need to transition into kindergarten.
Virtual Handwriting Lessons Made Easy Webinar
Learn key strategies for building foundational handwriting skills in your students. You’ll be filled with ideas on how these lessons can suit every classroom's needs, whether you’re teaching at school or from your home.
Research & Standards
Learning Without Tears Correlations to State Standards
View Learning Without Tears correlations to individual state, and also National Standards. The standards require students to demonstrate a deep understanding of texts and concepts, as shown through strong analytical and creative thinking.
Research & Standards
Get Set for School Correlations to Circle Progress Monitoring System
The Get Set for School Complete Pre-K Program correlations to the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System
Teaching Strategies Gold Correlations
Research & Standards
Get Set for School Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment Correlations
The Get Set for School Complete Pre-K Program correlations to Teaching Strategies Gold
Research & Standards
Get Set for School California Correlations
The Get Set for School Complete Pre-K Program correlations to California Preschool Learning Foundations
Top 5 Reasons You Need Handwriting Webinar
Learn why teaching handwriting is not only key to ELA success, but all academic learning. Discover an integrated print and digital solution that combines teacher-directed lessons with independent learning and practice.
ISTE seal of alignment
Research & Standards
ISTE Seal of Alignment Report
Read the full ISTE Seal of Alignment report for Keyboarding Without Tears