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Building typing confidence has never been easier. Explore the program that will help your students flourish in the digital world. 

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Get grade-level program licenses suited to your school or district’s specific needs.

Confident Keyboarding with Proven Results

Keyboarding Without Tears® is designed with your students’ success in mind. In as little as 5–10 minutes a day, watch your students soar as they refine their typing mechanics. As many as 70% of students in grades K–2 saw an improvement in their technique after completing the program. 

  • Refine typing technique while having fun 
  • Improve words-per-minute  
  • Maximize your instructional time with quick sessions 
  • Trust in a program that works for your students 
  • Explore keyboarding methods backed by research 


KWT Infographic

Take a deep dive into the research that supports Keyboarding Without Tears and the methodology behind the magic. See how you can lay a strong keyboarding foundation using a program that makes a difference.

Efficacy Report

Deliver results that matter. With Keyboarding Without Tears®, your students will become experts in the digital world and flourish. In this efficacy report, you’ll see just how our program is proven-effective for K–5 students.

Keyboarding Without Tears is Eligible for Federal Funding


Keyboarding Without Tears is an evidence-based program, meeting ESSA’s Tier 3 evidence criteria, making it eligible for educational grants and funding. Explore how you can use available funds to support reading in your schools.