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Digital Citizenship

Making the Web Safe, One Digital Citizen at a Time 

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Your Guide for Digital Fluency

Students who Keyboarding Without Tears will also learn how to responsibly navigate the digital world through our collaboration with the award-winning digital citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Education, available in English and Spanish. Teachers have access to this curriculum on demand and can share it with students needed.

Media Balance and Well-Being

Students go beyond screen time to explore the impact their digital lives can have on their well-being and relationships while learning to balance media in their everyday lives.

Digital Footprint and Identity

Students consider the benefits and risks of online sharing and explore how a digital persona can affect one’s sense of self, reputation, and relationships.

Cyberbullying, Digital Drama & Hate Speech

Students take on these tough topics and play the active role of upstander to build positive, supportive online communities and combat online cruelty.

Privacy and Security

Students learn how to protect personal information and gain a deeper understanding of their data privacy rights so they can advocate for themselves and others.

Relationships and Communication

Students reflect on how to build positive relationships, avoid risky online talk, and understand why some topics and conversations can best lend themselves to certain mediums.

News & Media Literacy

Students identify credible and trustworthy information sources and reflect on their responsibilities as thoughtful media creators and consumers.

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