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Phonics, Reading, and Me™ demonstrated Promising Evidence ESSA Level III Learn More


Digital tools, resources, and activities deepen your early literacy instructions with options that meet the needs of each student.


The print experience is extended beyond the classroom with teacher and student apps. Students reinforce crucial literacy skills through read-alouds and activities that keep the learning spark alive. 

By combining the teacher dashboard with a student app, teachers can enliven readings of the student letter books, launch playful interactive experiences, and refine literacy skills through practice.

Interactive Teaching Tool

This digital dashboard is everything you need to plan amazing lessons. It gives teachers instant access to digital editions of all program books, along with read-alouds and fun activities they can project onto whiteboards to broaden instructional options.


Project each book on a whiteboard, with read-alouds from diverse voices that highlight words as they are read.

Activities and Games

Keep the letter learning spark alive with fun activities like Find It Pictures, featuring characters in the letter books.

Embedded Guidance

From letter formations to step-by-step assessments and how-to videos, the help you need is at your fingertips.


  • Bring letter instruction to life with videos that connect each lesson to creatures and concepts that enliven learning.
  • Options for Formative and Summative Assessment
  • Resources for using A-Z for Mat Man and Me to support and enhance the Get Set School Program and align to CASEL standards.
  • Family Letters that include fun activities to do at home to reinforce learning.


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With the Student App, early literacy learners get a robust platform they can use for independent practice, including immersive, skills-building games and read-alouds for each letter story. Teachers assign each letter-based lesson, giving students a variety of opportunities for fun practice that reinforces literacy skills.


Students can follow along with read-alouds featuring diverse voices that strengthen letter-to-sound connections.

Letter-Based Games

Infuse some fun into practice time with interactive games that feature characters from the letter books.


Students earn stickers by completing activities like Starting Sounds that help them build letter-sound connections.


+Live Insights Helps You Deliver Success

This breakthrough dashboard for digital teaching is your portal for administrative features across the full suite of Learning Without Tears' digital products. Users can generate reports that reviews a district's engagements with our learning products, including a district, school, or classroom's overall curriculum program, the number of active students, and the amount of time spent on each program.

  • Seamlessly set up classrooms
  • Integrate with other platforms
  • Generate reports from digital products
  • Manage classroom rosters
  • View all products and licenses
  • Access help and online support