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Empowering Expression

Handwriting Without Tears 2025 embraces the science of reading and of handwriting with a dynamic offering that is intuitive and customizable to student and classroom needs. Our print and digital solution saves you time and cost in producing better student outcomes and success in school.

Introducing Handwriting Without Tears 2025

We’ve taken what’s proven, known, and loved and enhanced it with insights from our millions of student and educator users.

Now the science of reading has caught up with what we’ve always known, handwriting is foundational to reading.

Our dedicated solution is both effective and simple for teachers and students. The program takes little or no teacher prep time and provide explicit instruction with the exact words that a teacher needs to deliver an entire lesson.

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Why It Works

    • Dedicated program using the research of what works for children to become fluent readers and writers
    • Created by Occupational Therapists who studied and solved students’ struggles with handwriting
    • Evolved by teachers dialed into educator needs and the learning environment in schools.

    Materials and activities are selected to enhance the lessons and develop motor skills.

    • Teacher’s Guide lessons include grade-appropriate ELA options.
    • Word choice matches phonics and vocabulary instruction by grade.
    • Interactive Digital Teaching Tool assets support reading lessons.
    • Handwriting Without Tears developmental sequence is preset or you can customize to your own.
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    Student Editions

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    Teachers’ Editions

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    Digital for Everyone

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    Where do you start your letters?

    Tow Truck Letters - Cursive

    Word Sounds - Homophones

    Letter Sounds - Long a

    See the Research

    Check out the research behind Handwriting Without Tears’ effective, science-based curriculum.

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