Find the Letter

Rhyme Flip

Bouncing Vowels

Rhymes With

Why It Works

  • Features appealing illustrations
  • Develops muscle memory for correct finger positioning
  • Builds fluency with typing letter combos and words
  • Develops spacebar fluency
  • Exposes students to rhyming word vocabulary

How It Works

  1. Type the first word.
  2. Use the space bar to advance the next word.
  3. Type the next rhyming word.
  4. Repeat until all words are completed.

Syllable Pop-Up

Dolch & Space

Fill in the Blanks

Why It Works

  • Develops fluency for typing words and sentences
  • Demonstrates the purpose of suffixes
  • Practices proper capitalization and punctuation
  • Uses capitalization, punctuation, and action keys
  • Enhances vocabulary knowledge

How It Works

  1. Type the suffix for the vocabulary word.
  2. Type the sentence describing the word.
  3. Repeat for each word and sentence.

Venn Diagram


Line by Line

Why It Works

  • Builds sentence typing fluency
  • Expands fluency using capitals, punctuation, and action keys
  • Increases cross-curricular, content knowledge

How It Works

  1. Type each sentence.


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