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Recipe for Readiness (Family Edition) Part 4: Knowing the Alphabet

August 31, 2023

by: Diane Craig and Vicki Marvy

4 mins


Whether you are a parent, caregiver, cool aunt, or grandpops, these high-fun, high-impact activities will boost your preschooler or soon-to-be-kindergartner’s confidence and skills. 

Developed by expert early childhood educators, this Recipe for Readiness card collection considers how busy you are—and how young children deserve summertime delight. There is no dull skill-and-drill in the mix here—only engaging, focused experiences that you can fit into any day. With these activities, you can support development in the following key areas: 

  • Listening and speaking  
  • Learning to hear the sounds that make up words 
  • Text or letter book familiarity 
  • Alphabet knowledge and word-to-sound connections 
  • Communication through writing and drawing