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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What device will my student need to use the Digital Student App?

    Students can access the Digital Student App on any browser-based tablet or computer. For example, desktop computer, laptop, Chromebook, or iPad. Many activities require students to view the activity on the screen—a teacher-led activity, for example—while they write in their student edition workbook. However, a touch-screen device is optimal, especially so they can participate in activities such as Wet-Dry-Try and the Digital Letter Formations.

  • How long will the handwriting assignments take?

    We recommend 10-15 minutes for daily handwriting instruction. If the assignment is based on what is shown in the Lesson Planner with no changes, they are not likely to exceed this amount of time.

  • What can I do to provide my child with more handwriting practice?

    The Digital Student App has a student toolbox. This has digital formations that your child can use to practice letters and numbers. You can also customize handwriting worksheets using our free A+ Worksheet Maker Lite.

  • How much will be available to download and print from home on the Digital Student App?

    Any handwriting book pages that are sent in an assignment to the Digital Student App can be printed.

  • How does my child submit their completed lesson page?

    There are two ways to submit work completed in the handwriting student edition, depending on whether it is in a physical book or a printed page. Your child can either take a picture of their work in the app or upload a file.

    If your child chooses to take a picture in the app, the camera application will open, and they can take a picture of their work and submit it within the app. This will work if your child is using a tablet or iPad.

    If your child is using their physical student edition, then they can use a phone or other device to take a picture of the page, and it can be uploaded and turned in within the student application.

    If your child is unable to do either of these, they can select “done” without completing this step. It's also recommended to check with their teacher is this is a requirement.

  • If more support is needed, who do I contact?

    Customers can call, use our email form or chat. Our Customer Service hours are M-Th 8:30 – 7:30 EST and Friday 8:30-5:30 EST.

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