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It’s Webinar Wednesday!

November 6, 2019

by: Megan Parker

4 mins


Webinars are a fantastic way to get professional development conveniently from your home or office. Learning Without Tears webinars offer effective and engaging strategies from our experts for teachers, occupational therapists, homeschoolers, and administrators. So, kick up your feet and watch a kindergarten readiness, K–5 handwriting, or K–5 keyboarding webinar. Here's a quick guide you can use to find the best webinar for you based on your needs!

If you need ideas for implementing technology instruction to students who already know technology:
Keys to Success webinar
Get all the keys you need for teaching keyboarding and digital citizenship to children who are growing up surrounded by technology.
If you want to build out your handwriting instruction to incorporate literacy skills:
Discover easy strategies to incorporate the foundational skills and building blocks for better comprehensive literacy.
If you want to know the best way to teach keyboarding to your K–5 students:
Top 5 webinar tile
Learn fun and engaging ways to implement developmentally appropriate keyboarding instruction in your classroom.
If you want to eliminate prep time and make handwriting instruction interactive:
Learn about the latest developments in effective handwriting instruction and how to implement digital strategies in your classroom.
If you aren’t sure how or if you should teach cursive in your classroom:
Cursive Success Webinar
Have 10 minutes to spare? Then you have time to view our 10 Minutes to Cursive Success webinar!
If you aren’t sure how to use formative and summative assessments to evaluate handwriting:
When teaching handwriting and writing, assessments are a powerful tool for educators that provide insight into their students’ baseline, progress, and areas that need remediation.
If you’re unsure of the best way to evaluate your Pre-K students foundation skills:
Informal Pre-K Assessments are powerful tools to identify your students’ progress, discover areas that need attention, and provide insight into how you can adjust your curriculum to meet all of your students’ needs.
If you’re noticing handwriting problems in your students' work and you’re unsure of how to properly correct the problems:
Reversals webinar listing tile
Are your students struggling with reversals? Help them turn their letters and numbers around–line by line, curve by curve!
If you want tips on proper grip:
Get ready! Get set! Get a Grip! Learning Without Tears is getting "hands on" in this webinar designed to teach instructors how to ensure proper pencil grip in the classroom.
If you have questions about how to implement handwriting instruction in your classroom or want to understand why handwriting instruction is still important:
During this free webinar you will learn why handwriting is still important, how multisensory instruction supports different learning styles, and new easy strategies make handwriting fun and easy to teach and to learn.
If you want to learn how to change up your handwriting instruction by adding music:
In this interactive webinar, we share musical hands-on activities combined with movement to boost children’s skills for Pre-K–K success!
Have an idea for a webinar you don't see above? Tell us in the comments!
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