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Pre-K Assessments

Informal Pre-K Assessments are a powerful tool in identifying your students’ progress, discovering areas that need attention, and providing insight in to how you can adjust your curriculum to meet all of your students’ needs. Pre-K Assessments enable you to assess your children holistically in the areas of writing, language, literacy, and math and offer a way to communicate your students’ progress.

Join us to:

  • Understand the purpose of informal assessments in addition to maintaining student portfolios
  • Implement three informal assessments for readiness, writing, literacy, and math
  • Learn observational skills and checklists to assess your students in the classroom
  • Use the collected information to focus instruction and effectively communicate to families and others involved in the child’s education

Pre-K Assessments

Pre-K Assessments - A Systematic Approach

Pre-K Assessments - A Systematic Approach & QA