Learning Without Tears is your partner in the classroom! Find all of the resources, research and materials we have designed to make your littlest learners Kindergarten ready.

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2020 TX Adoption Correlations

Pre-K Guidelines

The Get Set for School complete Pre-K program meets 100% of the Texas Pre-K Guidelines in English and Spanish, and is eligible for adoption by the State Board of Education. 

2020 TX components

Pre-Adoption Samples

Through purposeful play, active engagement, and high-quality, specially-designed materials, Get Set for School intentionally prepares students for kindergarten and develops the foundation skills they need for overall academic success. See samples in English and Spanish.

TX adoption PreKITT

Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool Trial

The digital platform for the Get Set for School allows access to Teacher’s Guides and student activity books with an abundance of exciting and engaging multimedia options to accompany each lesson. Multi-modality resources allow a variety of learning styles in lessons taught in English and Spanish.

2020 TX Research


Developed by experts and based on proven, researched methods to appeal the way children learn best. Dive deeper into our curriculum by exploring our research reviews, infographics, standards and more.

2020 TX Events

Texas Events

Come meet us at an event near you to find out more about our offerings.

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviews

Read what experts in early education have to say about Get Set for School.

Professional Development

We are your partner in empowering educators along their path of continuous improvement, so they are prepared to fully support the academic, social, and emotional needs of today’s young learners

Texas GSS adoption professional development

Contact Our Texas Sales Team for District Support

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Regions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Sales: Deb Green
Email: Deb.Green@LWTears.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone: 832.221.1070
Regions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, and 17
Sales: Tracy Sloper
Email: Tracy.Sloper@LWTears.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone: 214.733.2186
Regions 1, 13, 15, 18, 19, and 20
Sales: Virginia Nugent
Email: Virginia.Nugent@LWTears.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone: 830.221.7509
Region 1 – Edinburg
Region 2 – Corpus Christi
Region 2 – Corpus Christi
Region 3 – Victoria
Region 4 – Houston
Region 5 – Beaumont
Region 6 – Huntsville
Region 7 – Kilgore
Region 8 – Mount Pleasant
Region 9 – Wichita Falls
Region 10 – Richardson
Region 11 – Fort Worth
Region 12 – Waco
Region 13 – Austin
Region 14 – Abilene
Region 15 – San Angelo
Region 16 – Amarillo
Region 17 – Lubbock
Region 18 – Midland
Region 19 – El Paso
Region 20 – San Antonio

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Existing Customers Can Reach out to A Success Manager for Help.

Debbie Secrist
Vice President Sales
Name: Debbie Secrist
Email: Debbie.Secrist@lwtears.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone: 301.263.2700
Tara DeSantiago
National Sales Manager
Name: Tara DeSantiago
Email: tara.desantiago@lwtears.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone: 817.946.6184
Lori Wilson
Adoptions & Tradeshow Manager
Name: Lori Wilson
Email: lori.wilson@lwtears.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone: 301.841.9428
Maggie Layfield
Customer Success Manager
Name: Maggie Layfield
Email: Maggie.Layfield@lwtears.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone: 301.245.6358
Guillermo Ruiz
Customer Success Manager
Name: Guillermo Ruiz
Email: guillermo.ruiz@LWTears.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone: 301.841.9424
Gaby Prieto
Customer Success Manager
Name: Gaby Prieto
Email: gaby.prieto@LWTears.com (link sends e-mail)
Phone: 512.740.9700