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Get Set for School Texas Correlations

The Get Set for School® Complete Pre-K Program assessment tools are age appropriate and provide multiple ways and times for periodic and ongoing assessment and documentation for all learners.

A–Z for Mat Man® and Me research based approach captures children’s imaginations while helping them develop social-emotional skills and exposure to our world’s diverse cultures.

1. Research Review - Get Set for School®: A Complete Pre-K Program for Kindergarten Readiness Success
2. Get Set for School®: A Proven Success in Preparing Children for Kindergarten
3. Getting to Know Get Set for School®:
• Pre-K Philosophy (Vol 1., pp. 6-7)
• Language & Literacy (Vol 1., pp. 10-11)
• Readiness & Writing (Vol 1., pp. 14-17)
• Numbers & Math (Vol 1., pp. 20-21)
• Oral Language (Vol 1., pp. 24-25, 46-49)
• Science & Social Studies (Vol. 1., pp. 26-27)
• Developmental Stages (Vol. 1, pp. 28-31)
• References (Vol. 1, pp. 137-146)
Research: Research Report for A–Z for Mat Man® and Me


The Get Set for School complete Pre-K program meets 100% of the Texas Pre-K Guidelines in English and Spanish, and is eligible for adoption by the State Board of Education.

As a complete Pre-K curriculum, Get Set for School addresses each domain throughout the course of overall instruction.

Social and Emotional Development p. 2
Language and Communication p. 17
Emergent Literacy Reading p. 41
Emergent Literacy Writing p. 49
Mathematics p. 55
Science p. 63
Social Studies p. 67
Fine Arts p. 69
Physical Development p. 72
Technology Applications p. 75

Professional Development

The Get Set for School Complete Pre-K Program correlations to the CIRCLE

Progress Monitoring System

Grades covered: Pre-K

Products: Get Set for School complete Pre-K program

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