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This complete Pre-K curriculum prepares students for kindergarten in delightful ways, developing the foundation skills necessary for overall academic success. 





In Get Set for School, students use multisensory activities for discovery play and active learning to become active participants in their Pre-K education. Teachers love the diversity of skills that can be taught with each multisensory tool. Here are just a few of them, and how they are used in class to drive engaging, hands-on learning. 


Directed actions, multisensory tools, and active exercises draw children into a lesson and help them learn new words. The teacher introduces objects or pictures, and children touch them, point to them, and say what they are. Through the “I Say, We Say, You Say” approach to lessons, children develop both listening and speaking skills.

Tools that help build language skills include— 


Sound Around Box helps students build letters, fill in the box with familiar items to teach the beginning sound of the item's name, and use picture tiles to learn rhyming words, compound words, and syllables.

Using A-B-C and 1-2-3 Touch & Flip® Cards, students reinforce good letter and number formation, recognition, and memory. They can self-check their work by flipping cards as they assemble pictures of animals.

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Get Set for School nurtures students' innate math skills, engaging them with manipulatives and active lessons that teach them how to observe and explore the mathematical dimensions of their world. A concentration on number concepts enables them to learn more advanced concepts in subsequent years.


Tools that help build math skills include— 


Tag Bags® are versatile tools designed to encourage students to open, close, count, sort, measure, and build. Activities for these bags also involve pattern recognition, helping to build the foundation for understanding of more complex mathematical patterns they'll encounter later in learning. 

4 Squares More Squares brings geometry to life in the Pre-K classroom. Children slide, turn, flip, arrange, and rearrange the pieces. The product grows with the child as skills advance from counting and matching to pattern making, graphing, and beyond. 

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Get Set for School addresses physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills, which are crucial for school readiness and will meet children where they are. The curriculum uses play-based, interactive, and multimodal lessons to teach developmentally appropriate social skills throughout the curriculum.  

Tools that help build readiness skills include— 

Beginning social-emotional and readiness skills come alive through activities and play-based techniques. Students learn through active participation with music in The Get Set for School Sing Along and Sing, Sound, and Count With Me music albums.  


Each readiness tool is intuitively designed to make learning complex concepts feel natural. The smartly placed Smiley Face can be found on Stamp and See Screen, Slate Chalkboard, and blue Mat for Wood Pieces. This friendly face, found in the top-left corner, provides a visual cue to reinforce proper left-to-right letter orientation.

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Get Set for School helps children build language skills in context so that new letters (symbols) and words have meaning and relevance. Because reading and writing skills support each other and develop in tandem, the learning area gives children the foundation in letter recognition and letter sound recognition to build reading skills. 

Tools that help build writing skills include— 


Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters teach letter formations through play, creating memorable hands-on learning experiences. These component wood pieces can be assembled on the blue Mat to learn the four key letter formation steps for all capital letters. 


Wet-Dry-Try is among our most popular multisensory activities and uses the Slate Chalkboard to teach capital and number formations. Teachers write a letter in chalk, then students wet the formation, dry it with a sponge, then try it themselves with chalk. 

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Get Set for School has a wide range of multisensory materials to enhance early learning.

Skill modeling in different group sizes

We know that teacher demonstration and student imitation are essential to Pre-K learning. Throughout the curriculum, children learn on their own as well as with adult demonstration. Activities are structured in whole class, small group, and individually to maximize teaching and learning.

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Get everything you need for your class to succeed. Our kits provide comprehensive instructional materials for success.

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Aligned to ESSER and ESSA

Get Set for School is eligible for educational grants and funding. The program meets ESSA's Demonstrates a Rationale evidence criteria, with materials aligned to ESSER funding's allowable activities.

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