Back to School 2022 Catalog

Summer Learning Opportunities

Easy-to-implement programs for handwriting, reading, and writing

Get your children ready with perfectly-paced programs for handwriting, reading, and writing. 

Need a quick and effective solution for summer programs, remediation, enrichment, tutoring or after care? We offer two programs designed for 4-to-6-week supplemental support that can be used year-round. Includes FREE pacing guides and implementation videos and step-by-step instructions that lead your students to success.

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Get a Head Start on Back-to-School

Pacing Guide Downloads 

Students in grades Pre-K–2 can effectively use our workbooks this summer using these free age and grade-appropriate learning plans. Each free pacing guide is a condensed, 4- to 6-week version of our time-tested 23-week Handwriting Without Tears teaching guidelines.

Reading and Writing Boost Kits 

Give your students much-needed skill-building consistency by combining some of our favorite writing materials with beloved children’s books. At-home instructions and additional free resources are also included, encouraging students to read and write all summer long!

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Student Editions & Teacher's Guides

Handwriting Without Tears uses fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate instructional methods to help students master handwriting.

Each grade-level focused student edition and teacher's guide helps pave the path to handwriting excellence with targeted lessons and multisensory activities.

Letter Learning Packs

Get students their own hands-on learning packs! These flexible packages includes everything you need to integrate essential multisensory learning while keeping students safe. You can get started immediately with favorite activities such as Wet-Dry-Try and hands-on letter play.

Reach Handwriting Success in 4–6 weeks

See the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum for use in summer school, enrichment, tutoring and after-school programs with expertly condensed lessons. Arranged 4-to 6-week program sets, the free pacing guides provide needed direction for easy implementation.

Watch this video to review the materials and see just how easy it is to implement. This 20-minute video can also be used as the training for your educators, whether they are instructing for acceleration or remediation.

Alphabet Knowledge and Phonics Through Connected Text

A–Z for Mat Man® and Me is designed to effectively teach alphabet knowledge, oral language, and other foundational literacy skills through engaging and culturally diverse stories. The systematic and explicit instruction used for children progressing at varied development rates. With free 4- and 6-week plans, you can adjust instruction as needed. This video provides a tour of the materials and the direction needed for educators to easily get started and implement effectively.

This video provides a tour of the materials and the direction needed for Educators to easily get started and implement effectively.