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Being familiar with modern test-taking skills is more important than ever. As elementary students move towards online testing, it’s crucial to foster a hurdle-free environment. 

Priced for Your Needs

Get grade-level program licenses suited to your school or district’s specific needs.

Results-Driven Improvement

Students using Keyboarding Without Tears are regularly assessed for speed and accuracy as they type. Progress in these areas is assessed through Spot Checks for Speed and Accuracy, which students will practice throughout their 36-week instruction.  
Depending on the grade level, students will be assessed through skill checks in their ability to type letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. 

New: Assessment Accelerator

Coming this January, a dedicated module will build online test-taking skills for students in grades 3–5. In these new activities, students will practice common online testing questions using skills that are required on standard assessments.

Modern Test Prep for a New Age of Online Assessments

Online testing doesn’t need to be a hurdle. Using Keyboarding Without Tears, students reinforce skills that are essential to online testing environments and learn proper keyboarding technique. By reinforcing essential testing skills, students will learn, adopt, and practice proper keyboarding techniques that are key to online assessment success. 

Activities Build Test-Taking Skills:

  • Drag and Drop
  • Format Text
  • Dropdown Selection
  • Text Entry
  • Short-Constructed Response

Equation Builder – Complete the equation to represent the answer. 

Graph It – Chart a graph or slide a bar.

Highlight It – Select one or more areas of a graphic image to respond.

Multi-Select – Select multiple responses to represent the answer.

Short Response – Compose a complete response to a question or prompt. 

+Live Insights: Your Digital Dashboard for Measuring Success

This breakthrough dashboard for digital teaching is your portal for administrative features across the full suite of Learning Without Tears’ digital products. Users can generate reports that review a district’s engagements with Keyboarding Without Tears. In addition to student progress, you can view these reports by district, school, or classroom, including data for overall curriculum progress, the number of active students, and the amount of time spent in each program. 

  • Seamlessly set up classes
  • Generate reports from digital products
  • Manage classroom rosters
  • View all products and licenses
  • Short-Access help and online support