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Fall for Hands-On Activities

As the days become crisper and shorter and the leaves change colors, your classroom is abuzz with students building a foundation for writing success. But, as the beginning-of-the-year excitement...Continue reading


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Using Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

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Each of your students is unique—and so is the way they learn! Some kids might like to experience lessons with their hands, while others just can’t seem to pay attention unless they’re...Continue reading


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2 Free Tools for Fall Student Assessments: Pre-K & K–5

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Fall is here and for teachers, that means it’s just about time to start administering beginning-of-year assessments. Now is a great time to determine your students’ skills so that you can better...Continue reading


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It's World Gratitude Day!

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Today is World Gratitude Day! Think of it as the precursor to Thanksgiving. This day is a great opportunity to get your students thinking about who and what they appreciate in their lives. You don...Continue reading


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