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This complete Pre-K curriculum prepares students for kindergarten in delightful ways, developing the foundation skills necessary for overall academic success. 

Right-Sized for Readiness

Get students on track for kindergarten readiness the simple way. Get Set for School expands early learning possibilities. Teachers are supported with guided lessons as students experience a hands-on curriculum that engages their minds.

  • Scaffolded instructional support
  • Expands early learning possibilities
  • Developmentally appropriate sequencing
  • Multisensory activities that engage young minds


  • Time-tested manipulatives for hands-on learning
  • Online platform connects teachers, students, and families
  • Seamless integration of themes across all learning domains




Manage and simply teach lessons from Get Set for School with the Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool: a one-stop digital teaching platform. Students also get a series of developmentally appropriate apps built for exploration, discovery, and creative expression. These experiences reinforce pre-academic readiness and strengthen learning experiences at home.

A one-stop digital teaching platform.

Aligned to ESSER and ESSA

Get Set for School is eligible for educational grants and funding. The program meets ESSA's Demonstrates a Rationale evidence criteria, with materials aligned to ESSER funding's allowable activities.

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Kits and Bundles

Get everything you need for your class to succeed. Our kits provide comprehensive instructional materials for success.

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Professional Learning that Inspires, Empowers, and Helps You Thrive

Continue your learning journey with our expert facilitators. Learning Without Tears offers a variety of interactive professional learning opportunities that incorporate a hands-on, minds-on, approach to support Pre-K-5 success.