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Readiness & Writing - Learning Areas

Ease Pre-K students into their literacy journeys with this intentionally designed curriculum. Students build pre-writing and emergent writing skills developmentally through engaging, hands-on, play-based activities.

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Lessons begin with horizontal letters, then letters with curves


Readiness & Writing is structured around a research-based sequence of letters that best supports fine-motor skill development in children. Lessons begin with easy vertical and horizontal letters, then letters with curves, and finally those with diagonals.

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Prevents Common Handwriting Problems

This instructional sequence prevents the most common handwriting problems students in elementary school struggle with: 

  • letter memory
  • number memory
  • formation


  • size
  • grip
  • spacing


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Writing instruction

Pre-K is a time of rapid growth and development. 

It’s a year of preparation for kindergarten and for future success in school and in life. To achieve, children need to be imaginative, independent, and actively involved in their own learning.

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Meet Mat Man:
A Hands-on Learning Creation

To make the transition to readiness more seamless, children must master important readiness skills. Mat Man can help! This buildable classroom friend embodies Learning Without Tears’ unique approach to hands-on learning. By building Mat Man, young learners practice crucial readiness skills, such as drawing and cognitive skills.

Mat Man teaches:


  • Body awareness
  • Sequence skill
  • Drawing and prewriting
  • Socializing and sharing
  • Size recognition
  • Building
  • Placement

Students develop crucial academic readiness skills that set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond.

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Teacher’s Guides

Inside our Teacher’s Guide, educators get strategies for readiness and writing instruction, including lesson plans for each unit, covering a 36-week scope of instruction. The teacher’s guide is also available digitally in PreKITT!

Aligned to ESSER and ESSA

Get Set for School is eligible for educational grants and funding. The program meets ESSA's Demonstrates a Rationale evidence criteria, with materials aligned to ESSER funding's allowable activities.

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