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Readiness & Writing - Purposeful Digital Experiences

Students receive a strong early literacy foundation, preparing them for the rigors of elementary school and the years ahead using purposeful digital experiences.


Fun & Interactive

Our digital components include multiple readiness lessons and activities that prepare students for the demands of school in a fun, interactive way.

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Mat Man Books Digital

Purposeful Digital Experiences

Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool

Bring your Pre-K instruction to life with this one-stop digital teaching platform. Extend your instruction digitally with lessons and activities. From interactive letter and number formations to engaging student apps, PreKITT helps reinforce pre-academic readiness and strengthen learning experiences at home.


Wet-Dry-Try’s game-based format mirrors the hands-on experience of writing on our Slate Chalkboard and Blackboard with Double Lines. The fun, game-based activities ensure handwriting practice stays fun, no matter where you learn. Try it for free today with sample lessons on capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters. 

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