Instructional Purpose

Through purposeful play, active engagement, and high-quality, specially-designed materials, Get Set for School intentionally prepares students for kindergarten and develops the foundation skills they need for overall academic success.


Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher’s Guide Set: Volumes 1 & 2 Available in English and Spanish

Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher’s Guide: Introduction to the Curriculum

Volume 1

Dive deeper into our comprehensive teaching strategies to implement a scaffolded approach to instruction while building independence and comprehension in young learners. 

Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher’s Guide: Multisensory Lessons with Hands-On Learning

Volume 2

Bring learning to life with targeted, explicit instruction that addresses each of the developmental domains through step-by-step lessons paired with specially-designed manipulatives.

Get Set for School Activity Books

Get Set for School My Book activity book

Children learn about books as they personalize their own storybook.

Get Set for School My First Book Set

Teach children pre-writing and capitals with My First School Book and then naturally progress into teaching them lowercase letters with My First Lowercase Book in this two-book set.

I Know My Numbers

Children develop skills with finger plays, songs, and rhymes.

PreKITT: The Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool

PreKITT: The Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool is a new digital teaching platform that brings the Get Set for School lessons to life with engaging, developmentally appropriate technology.

  • Customize lessons and pacing to match students' needs
  • Simply demonstrate letter and number formations with touch sensitive formation
  • Have letter formations leap off the page with engaging animations and videos
  • Get students moving and grooving with music and videos
  • Support instruction with cross-curricular lesson extensions

Multisensory Manipulatives & Tools

Our specially designed manipulatives are an integral component of our complete Pre-K program. We understand how young children learn and, based on that understanding, we have built an unparalleled, multisensory curriculum focused on developing the whole child.

Magnetic double lines
Magnetic Lowercase & Blackboard Set

Engages children with hands-on literacy and pre-writing awareness activities while teaching letter size and placement.

Build Mat Man Kit
Build Mat Man® Kit

Build Mat Man with your students!

Mat Man book set
Mat Man® Book Set

This four-book set includes a free Build Mat Man poster.

Stamp and See Screen
Stamp and See Screen®

Wood Piece stamps help build capitals and numbers.

GSS2020 Wood pieces
Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters

Teach capital formations, letter size, shape, and position words and concepts, too!

Mat for Wood Pieces
Mat for Wood Pieces

The smiley face on this mat reminds children where to start their letters.

Capital Letter Cards for Wood Pieces - Laminated
Capital Letter Cards for Wood Pieces - Laminated

Ideal for children who are just starting to learn capital letters.

Slate Chalkboard
Slate Chalkboard

The 4" x 6" Slate Chalkboard helps prevent reversals as children learn to write capitals and numbers.

My First School Book Set
My First School Book Set

Children master pre-writing skills with My First School Book and then learn lowercase letters with My First Lowercase Book.

Word Time
Word Time™

Boost children's vocabulary and language skills with multisensory lessons, Word Cards, and Squawker the parrot.

My Book
My Book Activity Book

Children personalize their own storybook with drawing and storytelling.

I Know My Numbers Activity Booklet

Children develop number recognition and formation skills with simple finger plays, songs, and rhymes.

FLIP Crayons
FLIP Crayons®

Unique crayons promote proper grip through the flip of the crayon.

Pre-K color wall cards
Pre-K Color Wall Cards

Colorful letter and number cards for a variety of classroom locations and activities.

Name Plates
Pre-K Name Plates

Use on tables, lockers, or cubbies.

Magic C Bunny
Magic C Bunny Puppet

Teach the beginning C stroke letters with this engaging puppet.

Line It Up
Line It Up™

Use the Line It Up Bar to teach word and sound connections, early literacy skills, and story sequencing.

Sound Around Box
Sound Around Box™

Versatile activities for language concepts and social skills! Ideal for whole class and center-based instruction.

ABC touch and flip cards
A-B-C Touch & Flip® Cards

Children flip for these double sided cards that feature tactile and puzzle elements.

123 Touch and Flip
1-2-3 Touch & Flip® Cards

The tactile double sided cards entice children to trace and name numbers, count, and sequence.

4 squares more squares
4 Squares More Squares®

4 Squares More Squares focuses on squares, puzzles, and problem solving.

tag bags
Tag Bags®

Tag Bags promote early math skills like matching and sorting, and foster fine motor skills.

Mix and Make Shapes
Mix & Make Shapes™

Mix & Make Shapes includes shapes and hands-on activities for geometry concepts, measurement, and patterns.

Little Chalk Bits
Little Chalk Bits

These soft chalk pieces make writing easy for little hands.

Little Sponge Cubes
Little Sponge Cubes

These sponges are just the right size for doing Wet–Dry–Try.

Roll A Dough
Roll–A–Dough Letters®

It's fun to roll and cut dough snakes to make capitals and numbers!


Read Aloud Library

Books All Year: Integrating the Get Set for School Read-Aloud Library

When using the Get Set for School Read-Aloud Library Pack throughout the Pre-K Curriculum, see the teacher's guide for tips regarding how to effectively integrate books in your Pre-K classroom each time you read a book with children.

The Doorbell Rang

Pat Hutchins

Each Kindness

Jane Addams

Maria Had a Little Llama

Maria Tenia

Waiting is Not Easy!

Mo Willems

The Little House

Virginia Lee Burton

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Curious George Goes to a Costume Party

Margret Rey and H A Rey

Pete the Cat: My Four Groovy Buttons

Eric Litwin


Ian Falconer

The Gingerbread Man

Catherine McCafferty

The Recess Queen

Alexis O'Neill

About Pets

Sindy McKay

Chefs and What They Do

Liesbet Slegers

Look! A Starfish!

Tessa Kenan

Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good for You: All About Staying Healthy

Tish Rabe

Little Raindrop

Igloo Books

One Duck Stuck: A Mucky Ducky Counting Book

Phyllis Root

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

Laura Numeroff

The Tiny Seed

Eric Carle

Not for Me, Please! I Choose to Act Green

Maria Godsey

Why Should I Recycle?

Jen Green

I Get Wet

Vicki Cobb

Good Night Planes

Adam Gamble

National Geographic Readers: Planes

Amy Shields

The Cloud Book

Tomie de Paola

Favorite Book of Nursery Rhymes

Scott Gustafson

Bilingual Tales: Los tres cerditos / The Three Little Pigs
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Laura Numeroff

The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat

Nurit Karlin

Actual Size

Steve Jenkins

Gratitude Soup

Olivia Rosewood

Señorita Mariposa– Bilingual Tale

Ben Gundersheimer

Rainbow Fish

Marcus Pfister

It's Mine

Leo Lionni

Music & Movement

Music, dance, and fingerplays reach children through the way they learn best—through active, engaging, and real-life experiences. Children take naturally to music and can better understand complex pre-writing and math concepts if they’re simply addressed through music, movement, and fun. Music is a cornerstone of the Get Set for School curriculum and a strong learning tool that can be used every day to bring learning to life.

Sing, Sound & Count With Me Album

Reinforce language and number concepts with fun songs. 

Get Set for School: Sing Along Album

Develop important social, cognitive, and school readiness skills with interactive songs and finger plays.