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Welcome to our information destination for administrators, educators, OTs, and parents! Use the filters below to take a look around and discover our demos, research, how-to videos, and all of our free online resources.


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    hwt program guide tile

    Handwriting Without Tears Program Guide

    Explore the K–5 Handwriting Without Tears program that builds confident communicators by getting to the heart of every letter through developmentally appropriate, multisensory strategies,

    a plus worksheet tile

    Handwriting Worksheet Generator

    A free and easy-to-use classroom resource for creating effective worksheets to integrate the unique Handwriting Without Tears font and double lines into other classroom activities.

    letter and number formations tile

    Letter & Number Formation Charts

    ​Our letter and number formation charts are child-friendly letter formations that make it fun and memorable for children to learn their letters and numbers.

    mat man world tile

    Mat Man World

    Our friendly hero teaches through music, building, playing, and story. Explore the world of Mat Man today!

    Moving Forward Not Backwards

    Moving Forward Not Backwards

    Are your students struggling with reversals? Help them turn their letters and numbers around – line by line, curve by curve!

    music samples tile

    Music Samples

    The Learning Without Tears music samples include the spirited songs for enhanced learning from our various albums.

    screening for success tile

    Screening for Success

     When teaching handwriting and writing, assessments are a powerful tool for educators that provide insight into their students’ baseline, progress, and areas that need remediation.