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How to Demonstrate So Children Can Imitate – Teaching Handwriting

Teaching Handwriting

Remember playing Follow the Leader?

The Leader showed how to do something while the Follower imitated…what fun! Imitation is a developmental learning tool used to teach and show...Continue reading


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5 Ways You Can Prepare Children for Kindergarten this Summer

How can you help your child prepare for school?

What a year this has been.


If you’re a teacher, parent, or caretaker to a Pre-K child, you might be worried about what this school year means for children’s...Continue reading


Ask the Experts

Why Typing Is Important for 21st Century Learners

Why Typing Is Important for 21st Century Learners

Take it from me, a 23-year elementary school teacher, we need to teach our students BOTH skills of handwriting and keyboarding in our world today and here's why. 

Throughout my...Continue reading


Multisensory Learning

12 Musical Activities for Preschoolers

Music Activities for Preschoolers

Music is one of the most powerful gifts in the universe.

  • It has the power to make us feel.
  • It can calm and relax us.
  • It can make us happy or sad
  • ...Continue reading