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The Handwriting Holiday

Celebrating National Handwriting Day 2024

January 19, 2024

by: Ramon Torres

5 minutes


What is National Handwriting Day? 

National Handwriting Day, celebrated annually on January 23rd, is a day dedicated to recognizing the importance of handwriting. Established by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA), this day highlights the cultural and historical significance of handwritten communication.  

In an era dominated by digital devices, National Handwriting Day stands as a beacon, celebrating the personal touch, individuality, and artistic expression inherent in writing by hand. It's a tribute to a skill that not only connects us with our history but also allows us to express our unique identities. 

Celebrating National Handwriting Day 2024 

At Learning Without Tears, we're thrilled to celebrate National Handwriting Day 2024, embracing the timeless art of handwriting, even as we progress into a digital-oriented age.  

The sentiment is clear: mastering handwriting is a critical skill that bolsters literacy, self-expression, and academic success. 

Without the foundation set by practicing handwriting, students may face shortcomings in tangential skills such as language, letter-to-sound connection, and reading later down the road. Now, you might be thinking, “Children are stuck to tablets and screens all day, using their fingers to write on slate of glass. What’s the point of teaching them more beyond the basics of a ballpoint?”  

What handwriting does is that it allows the writer to establish a personal connection with what they write. The repetition and muscle memory from when students first begin spelling out their own name is an experience of its own. 

Learning Without Tears is here to keep that timeless tradition going with our new and improved handwriting solution.  

Sharpen Writing Skills with Handwriting Without Tears® ©2025 

Looking into the new year, we're excited to announce the latest iteration of the program you know and love us for, Handwriting Without Tears®. We’ve taken feedback from our community—students, educators, occupational therapists, and everyone in between.  

At the heart of literacy lies the art of handwriting. From mastering proper letter formation to weaving stories from those very letters, handwriting is an indispensable skill for every student. 

Built on the Science of Reading, Handwriting Without Tears 2025 helps both teachers and students navigate handwriting instruction with a customizable, intuitive, and time-saving solution.  

See What’s New in 2025

Looking for More Handwriting Practice?

Make your own letter cards
Print out these letter cards and let students have fun tracing, coloring, and cutting, while reinforcing Pre-K–1 handwriting skills. 

Download FREE writing activities for grades Pre-K-2 
We’ve made an abundance of activities from our most popular student editions available for free, including early writing, print, and cursive exercises.

Make your own handwriting worksheets
Reinforce good handwriting habits in all subjects with free worksheets that integrate the unique Handwriting Without Tears font and double lines into other classroom activities. Download A+ Worksheet Maker Lite to practice cursive and print across all subject areas. Available in English and Spanish.

Create a Love Book in three languages (English Spanish French)
What’s your Love Language? Emphasize kindness and boost writing skills with free templates that encourage creative writing. At the same time, expose students to love in two other languages.


Practice Letter and Number formations with free downloads
Practice makes perfect! Make handwriting fun and memorable for children as they master learning how to write their letters and numbers.


As we look forward to National Handwriting Day 2025, we encourage you to utilize these resources and activities to help your students develop into confident, creative writers. Handwriting is more than just pen on paper; it's a crucial skill that bridges the gap between digital and traditional learning. 


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