Cursive Writing Curriculum

Our award-winning handwriting curriculum sets students up for success with engaging,
multisensory learning strategies and tools.

Say hello to vertical cursive!

Handwriting Without Tears® offers multisensory lessons, student edition, teacher’s guides, and hands-on materials to implement effective and engaging cursive handwriting instruction for grades 2–5.

Say goodbye to fancy, hard-to-write cursive and hello to a functional approach to achieving speed and fluency.

Vertical Cursive

Vertical cursive eliminates complicated loops and curlicues. It’s easy to write and read. We keep cursive simple and allow students to develop their own personal style as they become confident in their writing skills.

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Importance of Cursive

Cursive is a foundation skill: Children need handwriting practice beyond second grade to build cognitive automaticity. In fact, students who wrote in cursive for the essay portion of the SAT scored higher than those who printed. Research has also shown that cursive is faster than printing (Peverly 2006).

Why Handwriting Without Tears

Our award-winning, multisensory handwriting curriculum is developmentally appropriate and easy to implement. Our cursive language is child-friendly, featuring simple and fun instructions that are easy for children to understand.



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Handwriting Without Tears
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Double Lines
See how double lines help children with letter size, spacing, and placement.
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10 Minutes to Cursive Success Webinar
Explore active strategies and tools for implementing cursive in your classroom in just 10–15 minutes per day.
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View a sample our new Cursive Kickoff student edition for second grade.
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The Screener of Handwriting Proficiency

Use the Screener of Handwriting Proficiency to developmentally evaluate students’ handwriting and assess their cursive skills.

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