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Learning Without Tears Connections

Effective design elements are shared across Learning Without Tears Programs.

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Handwriting Without Tears®  

And Building Writers

Building Writers works seamlessly with Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to reinforce handwriting practice and associated writing skills. You will find that both programs use the same trademark handwriting models, incorporate cross-curricular topics and engaging themes that are grade-level specific, and use the patented Double Line method. 


HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS: The easy-to-learn letter formations are core to this breakthrough program. 


Building Writers: Uses intuitive double lines for successful writing outcomes. 

The Double Line Difference 

The double lines on each page help control students’ letter size, spacing, and placement. They promote legible writing that is easily transferred to other styles of paper. Visually, double lines are simple. They indicate the middle space. More than half of all print lowercase letters fit in the middle space, including the most frequently used letters: a, e, n, o, and s.  

Eliminate line confusion, and you’ll see neatness improve immediately. 

Writing Journals

And Building Writers

Writing doesn't need to feel cumbersome. Using Building Writers in conjunction with Writing Journals provides the spark that students need to communicate their thoughts on paper. These grade-level writing journals provide students with an organized tool for independent writing. They're ideally suited for composing reading responses and strengthening their handwriting through practice.