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Get Set for School: Tailored for Mississippi

The Get Set for School complete Pre-K program is eligible for adoption by the State Board of Education. 

What's Included

    Hands on manipulatives including Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters, Mat for Wood Pieces, Slate Chalkboard, Roll-A-Dough Letters®, Stamp and See Screen® and more. See full list below.


    Student licenses of Get Set for School Student Learning Apps, and an annual license for PreKITT: The Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool. Click here to request review access for PreKITT.

    Children learn about books as they personalize their own storybook using My Book

    Teach children pre-writing and capitals with My First School Book and then naturally progress into teaching them lowercase letters with My First Lowercase Book. (with kit containing My First Book Set)

    Children develop skills with finger plays, songs, and rhymes using I Know My Numbers


    We have resources to meet all your students’ needs. Explore essential Spanish products, and free Spanish resources for your ELL or bilingual classroom.

    Language & Literacy

    Readiness & Writing

    Numbers & Math

    Oral Language

    Science & Social Studies

    Multisensory Manipulatives & Tools

    Our specially designed manipulatives are an integral component of our complete Pre-K program. We understand how young children learn, and we have built an unparalleled, multisensory curriculum focused on developing the whole child.

    Magnetic Lowercase & Blackboard Set

    Engage children with fun, hands-on literacy and pre-writing activities with the Magnetic Lowercase & Blackboard Set. Use it to help children learn letter size and placement, while boosting alphabet knowledge and phonemic awareness.

    Build Mat Man® Kit

    Our Build Mat Man Kit includes all the materials you need to introduce Mat Man to your students and become fans of this hero! Kit includes: Wood Pieces Sets for Capital Letters, Mat for Wood Pieces, Get Set for School: Sing Along CD, Mat Man Book Set with Mat Man poster, and Mat Man Hands.

    Mat Man® Book Set

    Bring all Mat Man's adventures to your classroom or resource library. This four-book set comes with a Mat Man poster to help you teach children how to bring Mat Man to life.

    Stamp and See Screen®

    The Stamp and See Screen uses magnetic stamps and chalk to teach children to build their capitals, step by step. Tracing the letter with magnetic chalk provides children with a first taste of writing the letter with strokes.

    Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters

    These wood shapes are designed to aid in teaching the foundations of pre-writing. Children learn capital formations as they imitate the teacher piece by piece. Use the set for teaching size, shape, position words, and concepts, too.

    Mat for Wood Pieces

    Children look to the familiar smiley face in the corner of the blue fabric mat when they start forming letters, reinforcing good habits. This mat helps children organize their letter and number shapes, and aids in top-to-bottom and left-to-right orientation.

    Capital Letter Cards for Wood Pieces - Laminated

    These Letter Cards show a capital made with Wood Pieces, teaching children the names of the Wood Pieces and how to place them in the correct sequence.

    Slate Chalkboard

    The 4" x 6" Slate Chalkboard helps children learn to write capitals and numbers without being slowed down by reversals. Combine this activity with Little Chalk Bits to foster finger dexterity and good pencil grip.

    My First School Book Set

    Children master pre-writing skills with My First School Book and then learn lowercase letters with My First Lowercase Book.

    Word Time™

    Boost children's vocabulary and language skills with an exciting activity book featuring multisensory lessons that are aligned to the Oral Language lessons from the Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher's Guide Set.

    My Book Activity Book

    Children personalize their own storybook with drawing and storytelling.

    I Know My Numbers Activity Booklet

    Children develop number recognition and formation skills with simple finger plays, songs, and rhymes.

    FLIP Crayons®

    The best tol for Pre-K children is the crayon, which creates a natural resistance and builds strength in the hand. Our Flip Crayons are ideal for little hands, designed with dual colors and dual tips to encourage fine motor skill development.

    Pre-K Color Wall Cards

    These colorful letter and number cards can be used in a variety of classroom locations and activities—above the chalkboard, on bulletin boards, or in circle time as a letter or number of the week activity.

    Pre-K Name Plates

    These versatile plates can be used on tables, lockers, or cubbies. They are great visual aids for teaching children how to write their names in capitals and title case.

    Magic C Bunny Puppet

    This lovable, engaging puppet helps young learners discover a fundamental element of many letters: the Magic C! This bunny will help you teach the C stroke to begin capitals C, O, G, and Q and to begin lowercase a, d, g, o, and q.

    Line It Up™

    Line It Up Coloring and Letter Cards engage children in fun, hands-on activities that develop early literacy and motor skills. The familiar black and white pictures invite personalization and creativity while the gray traceable letters support proper letter formation.

    Sound Around Box™

    This four-sided multipurpose box is a versatile way to teach letters, rhymes, syllables, alphabet knowledge, oral language, and much more.

    A-B-C Touch & Flip® Cards
    This app is designed to promote number recognition and develop basic math skills in early learners. Children identify, match, count, say, trace, and write numbers 1-20 with interactive games and familiar activities from the Get Set for School curriculum.
    1-2-3 Touch & Flip® Cards

    These cards encourage children to name numbers, count with one-to-one correspondence, and form numbers. Use these cards in conjunction with other products to reinforce counting with physical objects.

    4 Squares More Squares®

    These chunky rubber squares bring geometry to life in the Pre-K classroom and are fun for children to handle. Children are engaged to slide, turn, flip, arrange, and rearrange these intriguing shapes, stretching their spatial awareness.

    Tag Bags®

    These bags encourage children to open, close, count, soft, measure, and build. Tag Bags are versatile and easy to use, making them ideal for both child- and teacher-led activities.

    Mix & Make Shapes™

    Geometry is fun and accessible with Mix & Make Shapes. With multisensory activities, Pre-K children practice problem-solving and spatial reasoning as they explore these multicolored shapes.

    Little Chalk Bits

    These soft chalk pieces are an essential companion to Wet-Dry-Try, making writing easy for little hands.

    Little Sponge Cubes

    These sponges are an essential companion to Wet-Dry-Try, and they're just the right size for small hands.

    Roll–A–Dough Letters®

    Children build strength in their hands and fingers by shaping balls of dough while learning to recognize and build capital letters and numbers. The included blue tray is uniquely designed with the familiar Smiley Face to guide children to start at the top when forming letters and numbers.

    Digital Samples and Program Components

    Through purposeful play, active engagement, and high-quality, specially-designed materials, Get Set for School intentionally prepares students for kindergarten and develops the foundation skills they need for overall academic success.

    Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher’s Guide Set: Volumes 1 & 2 Available in English and Spanish
    Image Alt

    Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher’s Guide: Introduction to the Curriculum

    Volume 1

    Dive deeper into our comprehensive teaching strategies to implement a scaffolded approach to instruction while building independence and comprehension in young learners. 

    English and Spanish Samples
    Image Alt

    Get Set for School Pre-K Teacher’s Guide: Multisensory Lessons with Hands-On Learning

    Volume 2

    Bring learning to life with targeted, explicit instruction that addresses each of the developmental domains through step-by-step lessons paired with specially-designed manipulatives.

    English and Spanish Samples

    Get Set for School Activity Books

    Get Set for School My Book activity book

    Children learn about books as they personalize their own storybook.

    English and Spanish Samples

    Get Set for School My First Book Set

    Teach children pre-writing and capitals with My First School Book and then naturally progress into teaching them lowercase letters with My First Lowercase Book in this two-book set.

    English and Spanish Samples

    I Know My Numbers

    Children develop skills with finger plays, songs, and rhymes.

    English and Spanish Samples

    PreKITT: The Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool

    PreKITT: The Pre-K Interactive Teaching Tool is a new digital teaching platform that brings the Get Set for School lessons to life with engaging, developmentally appropriate technology.

    • Customize lessons and pacing to match students' needs
    • Simply demonstrate letter and number formations with touch sensitive formation
    • Have letter formations leap off the page with engaging animations and videos
    • Get students moving and grooving with music and videos
    • Support instruction with cross-curricular lesson extensions

    Books All Year: Integrating the Get Set for School Read-Aloud Library

    When using the Get Set for School Read-Aloud Library Pack throughout the Pre-K Curriculum, see the teacher's guide for tips regarding how to effectively integrate books in your Pre-K classroom each time you read a book with children. Contact your sales representative for more information about the Read-Aloud Library.


    Music & Movement

    Music, dance, and fingerplays reach children through the way they learn best—through active, engaging, and real-life experiences. Children take naturally to music and can better understand complex pre-writing and math concepts if they’re simply addressed through music, movement, and fun. Music is a cornerstone of the Get Set for School curriculum and a strong learning tool that can be used every day to bring learning to life.

    Sing, Sound & Count With Me Album

    Sing, Sound & Count With Me Album

    Reinforce language and number concepts with fun songs. Available within Pre-KITT. 

    Get Set for School: Sing Along Album

    Get Set for School: Sing Along Album

    Develop important social, cognitive, and school readiness skills with interactive songs and finger plays. Available within Pre-KITT