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Building Literacy Skills that Last

From Pre-K through Grade 5, we help students build LITERACY SKILLS that transform LETTERS into MEANING.

Literacy Skills From Letters to Meaning

From Pre-K through Grade 5, we help students build LITERACY SKILLS that transform LETTERS into MEANING.

Learning Without Tears helps students become confident learners. For more than 40 years, our programs have taught students how to graduate from the mechanics of reading and writing to embrace literacy and discover new worlds of learning.

We believe that learning should be simple, effective, and fun—no matter where students are. And now more than ever, it's critical that educators have the technology they need to support their classrooms. That's why our programs integrate print and digital instruction, delivering research-based materials that helped bridge the divide during the disrupted learning years

How Handwriting Without Tears® Aligns to the Science of Reading

Handwriting is one of the foundational skills that leads students toward automatic word recognition.
It falls in the bottom, skills portion of Scarborough’s rope. As students form letters, they are solidifying the alphabetic principle. They need to be able to retrieve the symbol for the sound automatically, so as students practice in Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), they are learning to transfer that knowledge.


    Building the Foundation of Literacy Success

    A strong handwriting foundation is key to literacy success. Learning to write letters by hand helps students lay the foundation for reading and writing skills they will use throughout their lives. Handwriting Without Tears offers developmentally appropriate, contextually explicit and systematic instruction, with frequent practice in reading and writing across content areas.

    Here's what you'll experience in your trial:
    • Age-appropriate instruction in writing, including opportunities for children to write with clear purposes and use critical reasoning

    • High-quality multisensory materials that flexibly suit the reading and development levels and interests of children

    See Handwriting Program

    Embrace the Possibilities of Early Literacy

    This award-winning curriculum provides children their first steps toward a love of literacy with positive, play-filled learning experiences. Adapting to the changing needs of children as they develop, core components of the program include hands-on, proven instruction in language, literacy, reading, and writing.

    Here's what you'll experience in your trial:
    • Teach letter and sound connections

    • Show correct orientation and position of letters

    • Discover narrative sequencing and other key literacy skills

    See Pre-K Program

    Alphabet Knowledge is Power

    This new, supplemental early literacy program helps orient students who are just starting on the path to reading. Through engaging letter books and vibrant illustrations, the ABCs come to life as students build foundational literacy skills like letter learning and meaning making.

    Here's what you'll experience in your trial:
    • Gain alphabet knowledge and social-emotional learning skills

    • Build automatic recognition of letter forms, names, and sounds

    • Reinforce existing alphabet instruction in literacy blocks

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    Phonics, Reading, and Me: From Skills to Text Connections

    Phonics, Reading, and Me is a new, supplemental program that gives students a pathway from learning letters to fully understanding how to read. Teaching phonics skills is not new. But our curriculum emphasizes the most difficult phonics skills to learn, allowing students more time to build skills than in comprehensive phonics programs.

    Here's what you'll experience in your trial:
    • Meets Science of Reading requirements to increase students’ reading for districts using balanced literacy programs.

    • Teachers have options with print, digital, and hands-on manipulatives that allow for targeted and differentiated instruction.

    • Culturally responsive, connected texts teach social-emotional learning habits based on research from CASEL and Harvard’s EASEL Lab.

    Digital Literacy Starts with Keyboarding

    Create more literacy learning opportunities with rich, cross-curricular content while building keyboarding and digital literacy skills. This proven keyboarding program teaches students how to type using proper technique, efficiently use the keyboard and mouse, and safely navigate the internet.

    Here's what you'll experience in your trial:
    • Cross-curricular connections link typing lessons and writing activities to math, social studies, ELA, and science

    • Review and master foundation keyboarding skills, learn to format and write paragraphs 

    • Experience typing as an automatic skill

    See Keyboarding Program

    Professional Learning that Inspires, Empowers, and Helps You Thrive

    Continue your learning journey with our expert facilitators. Learning Without Tears offers a variety of interactive professional learning opportunities that incorporate a hands-on, minds-on approach to support Pre-K–5 success.