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The First Step of Digital Learning

Keyboarding licenses for as low as $3.21* for districts, schools and classrooms.

Grades | K-2

A student's earliest experiences with keyboarding should focus on building a strong foundation for fluid confident typing.

All activities are designed to be intuitive, engaging, and developmentally appropriate with grade specific cross-curricular connections that resonate with students such as:

  • Introducing the keyboard and mouse
  • Teaching children to anchor their hands on Home Row
  • Developing finger dexterity, finger-key association and bilateral hand skills
  • Building muscle memory by practicing letter combinations


Grades | 3-5

Students become familiar with skills essential to computer-based assessments, including scrolling and selecting from drop-down menus. Third grade starts with review and mastery of second-grade work and quickly moves into introducing number and function keys, formatting, and writing paragraphs. Activities are aligned with grade-level reading ranges, and the lessons are scaffolded to support a developmental progression for all learners to:

  • Sharpen keyboarding accuracy and fluency
  • Build muscle memory, accuracy and speed
  • Reinforce formatting and keyboard skills

Preparing Students with Digital Citizenship Lessons

Students who use Keyboarding Without Tears will also learn how to remain safe and responsible while exploring online through our collaboration with the award-winning digital citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Education.

Key topics of the curriculum include:

  • media balance
  • privacy and security
  • relationships and communication
  • news and media literacy, and more


Easy Implementation

Keyboarding Without Tears provides:

  • Extensive teaching resources and training to help ensure that both educators and students have the best possible learning experience.
  • Flexible licensing options and supports single sign-on (SSO) and different roster management systems.
  • Year round training support for educators.