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Improve Speed, Accuracy and Keyboarding Fluency

Keyboarding licenses for as low as $3.21* for districts, schools and classrooms.

Third Grade

Students become familiar with skills essential to computer-based assessments, including scrolling and selecting from drop-down menus.

Activities are aligned with grade-level reading ranges and scaffolded to support a developmental progression for all learners. Third grade starts with review and mastery of second grade work and quickly moves into:

  • Introducing number and function keys,
  • Formatting
  • And writing paragraphs

Fourth Grade

Focus on muscle memory, accuracy, and speed.
Students practice formatting and typing skills using game-based lessons to promote muscle memory, accuracy, and speed.
Practice includes lessons with engaging and changing themes. Embedded assesments measure a students understanding of specific skills, speed and accuracy.

Fifth Grade

Students develop the accuracy and speedy to handle the demands of schoolwork and testing in higher grades. Formatting and typing skills are reinforced with engaging and changing themes.


Spot Checks are used to assess student understanding of specific skills and measure speed and accuracy.