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Wave Your Hands for 5 Senses Activities

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Why it is important for preschoolers to engage in five senses activities? Not only does engaging preschoolers in see, smell, taste, hear, and touch activities teach them about their five senses,...Continue reading


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Teaching Tips

Teaching Digital Citizens in Today’s World

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Digital citizenship is the understanding that we can teach students how to use technology so that everyone can get along in the digital world. Just as we raise our children to be productive...Continue reading


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Teaching Tips, Multisensory Learning

6 Quotes About Teaching from Across the Globe

World Teachers Day

Today we celebrate teachers across the globe! It’s World Teachers' Day, and we’re reflecting on the power of passing knowledge down to the next generation. Here are quotes from six different...Continue reading


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Teaching Tips, Multisensory Learning

Fall for Hands-On Activities

As the days become crisper and shorter and the leaves change colors, your classroom is abuzz with students building a foundation for writing success. But, as the beginning-of-the-year excitement...Continue reading


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