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4 Essentials for Summer Learning

June 28, 2023

by: Ramon Torres

4 mins


Every year, students eagerly anticipate the arrival of summer—a time for relaxation, exploration, and new adventures. While some students look forward to a well-deserved break from the rigors of the academic year, others recognize the season as an opportunity to bridge any gaps in their learning and set a solid foundation for the school year ahead. 

Summer learning presents a unique chance to focus on specific areas of academic growth and provide students with the tools they need to excel. Let’s explore four essential areas of learning that can be nurtured during the break. By addressing these areas and utilizing the right tools, you can ensure that students make the most of their summer vacation and achieve educational progress confidently and comfortably. 

Teaching Proper Grip 

One often overlooked but crucial aspect of a student's learning journey is proper grip development. How a student holds a pen or pencil can greatly affect their handwriting, speed, and overall writing proficiency. Summer can be an opportune time to focus on teaching and refining grip technique. Not only does a proper grip lay the foundation for lifelong handwriting success, but it also leads to increased writing endurance and improved fine motor skills, all of which are necessary for long-term academic growth. 

When it comes to teaching proper grip, it's essential to provide students with engaging and interactive tools that make learning enjoyable. The Roll-A-Dough® Letters set adds fun to letter formation with a hands-on, dough-based rolling activity. It provides a unique and multisensory approach to learning letter shapes and promotes proper grip. Each set includes 18 double-sided capital letter and number cards, a rolling tray, and dough, allowing students to explore letter formation while having a blast. 

Developing Positive Handwriting Habits 

In an increasingly digital world, the importance of good handwriting skills should not be underestimated. While typing and digital communication are essential, the ability to write legibly and fluently remains an asset for all students. Engaging in activities such as copying texts, practicing cursive writing, or even journaling can significantly enhance a student's writing capabilities.  

To develop handwriting skills, the Individual Student Manipulative Pack provides a comprehensive writing solution designed to enhance early learning and features multisensory activities to keep students engaged and entertained throughout their break. The pack is specifically tailored to support young students in areas such as printing and numbers, and it’s also available in Spanish.  

Reinforcing Reading Knowledge 

Reading is the cornerstone of education, and the seasonal gap offers opportunities to reinforce and enhance reading skills across the board. Encouraging students to engage in independent reading during the break not only fosters a love for literature but also helps maintain and strengthen their reading comprehension abilities. Suggesting age-appropriate books or establishing a reading challenge can keep students engaged and motivated throughout the season.  

To make reading even more enjoyable and interactive, incorporate the Build Mat Man® Kit into your summer learning activities. 

The Build Mat Man Kit includes all the materials you need to introduce the beloved literacy hero, Mat Man, to your young learners. This engaging kit is designed to make reading and learning a multisensory experience by captivating students and promoting active reading engagement. 

Building Keyboarding and Typing Confidence 

Now more than ever, keyboarding and typing are crucial for achieving positive academic outcomes. Online typing programs, interactive games, and timed exercises can help students improve their accuracy and speed. By dedicating time to this skill during the break, students enter the upcoming academic year with increased efficiency in digital tasks and better preparedness for the demands of the modern world. 

To support students in developing this essential skill, introduce your learners to the Build a Keyboard Activity Board. The hands-on design serves as an engaging tool to aid in learning how to locate, match, and identify keys, ultimately working towards typing fluency. 

Embracing these essentials not only contributes to a well-rounded educational experience but also equips students with the tools they need to succeed in the upcoming academic year. By dedicating focused time and effort to these crucial areas, students make significant strides in their educational growth and bridge any gaps that may exist.  

Eager to find more ways you can engage your readers and writers throughout the summer? Take a peek inside our Summer Backpack for free learning resources. 


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