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Find the Right Book for Your Child with the Five-Finger Rule!

Five Finger Rule

One of the most exciting parts of being a kid is finding a great book to dive into and explore. It’s important to encourage reading for your child at an early age to properly set them up for...Continue reading

Teaching Tips

6 Ways to Engage and Strengthen Young Writers

Teaching children to write.

When we think of literacy, we tend to think of reading and writing—often with an emphasis on reading. But the skill of writing is essential. Did you know that students spend nearly 60 percent of...Continue reading

Teaching Tips

Expert Tips for Reading Aloud to Children

Tips for Reading Aloud to Children

Daily Read-Alouds: A Powerful Teaching Tool 

“Read it again!” Please, right now!”  Understanding the children’s enthusiasm for the book, the parent or teacher does just that!  Children...Continue reading

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Recognizing and Celebrating Black History in February and All Year Long

Celebrate Black History Month

February is National Black History Month in both the United States and Canada. The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Ireland honor and celebrate the contributions of Black people in October....Continue reading