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5 Writing Prompts for a Fabulous Father’s Day!

June 13, 2019

by: LWT staff

2 minutes


Dad jokes and ugly ties aside, fathers play a vital role in their children’s lives and today is the day to celebrate! This year, have children use their best handwriting to show dad they love him with these five fun writing prompts.

  1. Practice dad’s initials!
    For your youngest learners who may just be learning how to write their capitals, teach them how to write their dad's initials, step by step (send home these letter formation charts so families know the right steps). For a fun sensory experience, have children roll some dough letters of dad’s initials for a beautiful art installation on Father’s Day!
  2. Write an acrostic poem!
    Help your children write their dad’s name horizontally down a page and then write an adjective for every letter that describes the best parts of dad!
  3. If your dad was a superhero, what would be his special power?
    Ask children if their dads are more Iron Man or Captain America and have them draw a picture or write a short sentence/paragraph about their superpowers.
  4. What’s something your dad knows how to do that you want to learn?
    Ask children what they want to learn from their dad: his secret pasta recipe or his ability to pull quarters out of their ears? Have them write about what dad knows best!
  5. What’s your dad’s favorite joke?
    Ok, I know I said dad jokes aside, but some are just simply sidesplitting. Have children tap into their inner comedian and come up with their best dad joke or write one of their dad’s favorites using a question/answer format. Want to hear a good one? Q: What did 0 say to 8? A: Nice belt! (Badum-Ching)

Looking for more fun writing prompts? Our Building Writers student editionss provide extra practice for building core writing skills. Download samples pages and check out our award-winning handwriting student editions for consistent writing practice in every subject!

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