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Early Learning Success for Virginia’s Youngest Learners 

As the Virginia Literacy Act (VLA) sets new standards for literacy instruction, the stakes have never been higher for our youngest learners. With a focus on scientifically based reading research and evidence-based literacy instruction, every child from kindergarten to grade five is on a path to literacy success. But the foundation starts even earlier. 

Readiness & Writing is tailored to develop key academic skills for early success, aligning perfectly with Virginia’s goals. This engaging curriculum transitions students from basic scribbling to mastering letters and numbers, setting a strong foundation for kindergarten and beyond.


Additional Solutions

From K-readiness to fluent reading and keyboarding, students in Pre-K–5 use these programs to build foundational literacy skills. 

Handwriting Without Tears®

Designed to be Simple, Intuitive, and Effective 

Come explore how our programs can support student success in Virginia with instruction that embraces the science of reading and of handwriting. 

Readiness & Writing

Writing Instruction that’s Perfect for Pre-K

Ease young students into their literacy journeys with this intentionally designed curriculum, setting them up for success in kindergarten and beyond

Decodable Phonics Books

80% Decodable, 100% Engaging!

Building a strong foundation in decoding text is the first step to achieving reading proficiency.



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