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Having trouble activating a new product license?

If you are already a registered account holder, log in to our digital learning dashboard, +Live Insights. Your available licenses will be shown in the dashboard after the login. For more guidance, visit the Help & Support section in the left-hand navigation within +Live Insights. You can also download and print our activation guides.

How many licenses do you need to activate?

Launching a product for the first time?

Watch our video for a guided tutorial on setting up your students with Learning Without Tears’ line of digital products:

For more help, log in to +Live Insights. Visit the Help & Support section in the left-hand navigation, then click Getting Started. You will find digital product guides and video tutorials along with other information on starting your Learning Without Tears journey.

Need information on platform integration and managing your classroom roster?

Learning Without Tears products can be integrated with Clever, ClassLink OneClick/OneRoster, and bulk import for Google Single Sign-On (SSO). To get started, log in to +Live Insights and visit the Admin Console on the left-hand navigation, then click Single Sign On/Roster Management.


Are you excited to get started with the new Handwriting Without Tears?

We have support for you, including new how-to videos, live tutorials, and more.

Get Started With Handwriting

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