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Multisensory Strategies

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Multiple Modalities Bring Learning to Life

Handwriting Without Tears® engages multiple modalities to bring learning to life. Multisensory activities and manipulatives appeal to all learning styles and provide a hands-on approach to handwriting. We help students develop writing skills through explicit multisensory, play-based instruction. Students move, touch, feel, and manipulate real objects as they learn the correct habits and skills that are essential for fluid writing.

How does Direct Instruction Work?

Introducing Mat Man

Make the transition to readiness seamless, with everyone’s favorite buildable friend—Mat Man. Made from Wood Pieces and the blue Mat, Mat Man embodies Handwriting Without Tears' unique approach to multisensory learning. Students learn crucial readiness skills, including size recognition, placement, and sequence skills.


Wet-Dry-Try for iPad is a new experience that brings handwriting lessons to life with fun, game-based activities. Try it for free today with sample lessons on capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters. Wet-Dry-Try's game-based format mirrors the hands-on experience of writing on our Slate Chalkboard and Blackboard with Double Lines.

Manipulatives and Multisensory Strategies

Our time-tested, hands-on manipulatives are proven to stimulate and strengthen visual, tactile, kinesthetic, and auditory learning styles while improving lesson understanding and comprehension.

Digital Tools and Multisensory Strategies

Using the Interactive Digital Teaching Tool, teachers can show animations, music, and videos that support their direct handwriting instruction, including interactive letter formation charts.

Eligible for Federal Funding

Handwriting Without Tears® print and digital solution meets ESSA's Tier 2 evidence criteria. Explore how you can use available funds to support reading in your schools.