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Phonics, Reading, and Me™ demonstrated Promising Evidence ESSA Level III Learn More

Intuitive, Effective Design

Our unique letter formations through child-friendly, straightforward language, and large, step-by-step models make learning each stroke simple and fun

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Simple Language for All Students

Handwriting Without Tears features a clean, intuitive design. Students are invited to learn our unique letter formations through child-friendly, straightforward language and large, step-by-step models that make learning each stroke simple and fun.

Pre-K–5 students move through a developmentally appropriate teaching order from capital, to lowercase, and cursive letters. This design helps children master handwriting skills in the easiest, most efficient way. Instead of teaching 52 letter symbols with a mishmash of different sizes, positions, and confusing starting places, we divide and conquer.

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Handwriting Student Editions from K–5

The black and white pages in our student editions are clean and clear. The simple design is appealing to students, inviting them to color and draw once they have finished each lesson. The illustrations serve multiple purposes, reinforcing the letter sound, and promoting left-to-right directionality that encourages correct visual tracking and writing direction.

Emergent Writing for Pre-K

Our developmentally appropriate Pre-K program, Readiness & Writing, builds emergent writing skills, giving students a strong early literacy foundation and preparing them for the rigors of elementary school and the years ahead. Students will learn social-emotional and readiness skills , develop fine motor skills, learn to hold a crayon, and explore with manipulatives like Wood Pieces to help them learn body parts, position words, and the vocabulary to describe capital letters and numbers

Eligible for Federal Funding

Handwriting Without Tears® print and digital solution meets ESSA's Tier 2 evidence criteria. Explore how you can use available funds to support reading in your schools.